HELP! Vintage Hermes Crocodile Bag?

  1. I was going through some of my mom's old stuff & came across this exquisite bag. From the H & the quality it looks to be Hermes. Can anyone tell me anything about it if it is? :confused1: It is of absolute wonderful quality with great stitching. Made of crocodile with a calfskin lined interior. It also has what looks to be a matching change purse which is pigskin lined. I don't know if it originally went with it or not.
    There are no date stamps & it is not marked Hermes on it. The H's are the only distinguishing factor.
    Thanks in advance for your help :happydance:
    PS. The purse looks much more brown in person then it does in the picturs.
    hermes1.jpg hermes4.jpg hermes3.jpg hermes2.jpg
  2. I'm not familiar with vintage croc pieces, your best bet would be to post this in our authenticate this thread which is in our Hermes shopping forum above. Our resident experts are sure to chime in.
  3. thanks! i'll do that right now
  4. Does it say "HERMES" anywhere on these bags?
  5. no it does not say hermes anywhere on them. i wasn't sure if on vintage bags (i think this dates from the 1960's) if they may not of stamped bags back then.
  6. They were stamped even back them. I have seen pieces dating to the 1940's with the Hermes stamp. To be honest, I have my doubts about your piece. Sorry.