HELP!! Vintage Chloé authentication (lots of pics!)

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  1. I bought this vintage Chloé Ethel on eBay, and it doesn't have a serial #.

    I've heard of some older Chloé bags made in Hungary not having these date stamp tags, but can't find any info on them so I can authenticate it. I'm not worried about getting my money back (their guarantee is dependable), but I'd rather keep the thing if it's authentic.

    The hardware is very heavy, and the leather seems to be top quality (I've owned designer bags and designer leather jackets before, so I can gauge it). Help is appreciated!!

    NOTE: I bought it as a restoration project, so there are some unfinished paint areas where the gold-effect on the leather had rubbed off.


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  2. Please post in the Authenticate This Chloe thread
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