HELP! Vino on my vanchetta leather

  1. Last nite splashed vino on the handle, of course it has to be MERLOT. It was a splash. I used a pencil earaser to lighten it up. It's better, but still there. You can see it looks now lighter where I tried to get the stain out. You can see it is a differnt color then the top handle. I thought I read on this forum for pen marks I tried. I have only had the LV for a little over a it still is very light, any ideas? I did use appleguard on it but, I guess, it didn't work or I didn't spray well. Will it be ok after it gets to the honey colored patina?? Maybe not as noticabe.Any tips??
    Pics attached but might be hard to see.
  2. I would probably leave it be, it will blend in with the patina and be less noticable as the leather darkens. Magic eraser is another thing that you can try, but I would probably not recommend it since your handles are quite light still plus the process can dry out the leather.
  3. Your right I should just let it be. It will be a mark on my bag with a story...remember the night we went out for wine tasting and after went to a jazz club and I splashed my baby. I usually cover it with a napkin if I'm eating or drinking. and is always at my side. You would think esp. with red wine I would have been more careful.
    I can look at the bright side, it could have been much worse.
  4. Honestly, I can hardly see it.
    It could have been MUCH worse, and call me crazy, but I am someone who likes little marks on things, I think they give them character. I'm so neurotic about thing when they are brand new, once they have their first scuff or mark, I can relax and just enjoy. :smile:
  5. Ditto, just let it be. Patina will darken a bit more nad it will blend in.
  6. The stain is barely visible, so dont fret!
  7. I agree, thats not too bad keep rubbing only that spot (looks a little light) with your hand and leave it by a window deepen the patina.