HELP!!! vinage black HAC 45 or used birkin 35?

  1. i've been considering -- and planning to bid on -- a lovely blue box birkin 35 on ebay; start price is US$ 6250.

    well, some of you may have noticed that i've been sniffing out vintage pieces on the 'net -- i've found a black cuir de russie HAC 45 for Euro 4000, which is about $5200.

    both are in excellent shape, and i have no reason to suspect the authenticity of either. the HAC is large, about 18x18 -- there are times i can use something that big for work, but i suspect i'd get more use out of the 35. on the other hand, when will i ever see that HAC again? BUT, if i decide i don't use it enough and need to sell it, it might be tough to get rid of . . .

    opinions, ladies? i'm vacillating (however that's spelled) in the worst way . . .

  2. Hmm, that is tough! If I had to choose, I'd go for the cuir de russie HAC - it's just too unusual a find. The box, if you really love it, can probably still be ordered. That's just what my gut says this morning (it might need some coffee, but that's its first blush opinion).

    Good luck, DQ!
  3. some pictures . . .

  4. Well, close your eyes and imagine yourself with both. Which one is really more you, DQ?

    [edit] that 35 birkin btw is beautiful! Although the HAC looks warm and soft and like it has a history.
  5. my vote is the birkin...but dont you have something in blue already:confused1: ?
  6. Oh Lordy, that's a tough one DQ.

    I think if you'll use the HAC then that would be the one to get. There are plenty of vintage lovers out there (yours truly is one of them!) who might love to own this baby if, in the future, you should decide to sell. It won't lose its value. The only think is that this is one big bag! Are you sure you'll use something this big?
  7. That is a tough decision! Both are just beautiful! But if the size is not an issue, I would go with the HAC. It just has extra character!
  8. neither is perfect -- and they both have something going for them. black is never my first choice, but i love vintage which generally IS black. and while i'd prefer vert anis, potiron or orange for a birkin, i do love that blue and i'm hoping it would be a pretty easy resale when a preferred color makes its way to me.

    i think my heart is telling me HAC but my brain is telling me blue box. :confused1:
  9. i've never fessed up to this before (wanted you to like me!), but i'm a - gulp - lawyer. i sometimes have some serious papers to schlep. and i HATE briefcases.

    forgot to ask, get any more pix of that pretty etrier bag?
  10. i do -- a 32 chevre kelly. but i think i'm going to have to sell it -- you're going to love this -- beacuse it's not big enough! :lol:
  11. Hmmm...I am partial to the birkin...but if your heart says HAC, then...

    On the other you really, really want either...or is another bag higher on your "wish" list?
  12. Funny, how you and several other girls didn't want to say that you were attorneys. As long as you don't defend wife beaters, you're OK with me:lol: I mean, you carry lunge whips on the subway and beat off the perves, how bad could you be:P Seriously, I'm not crazy about this HAC. I think that once you start filling it up, it's going to get way too heavy. Paper weighs a lot! If you wanted it for an overnight bag or riding boots, that's another story. I like the blue Birkin and Sandia is a good seller. The only thing that I noticed about this bag was that it was kind of poofy on the bottom in the pictures. It may be a bit stretched out. If that doesn't bother you, that would be my choice. It would look very chic with suits.:flowers:

    PS. If the HAC was heavy, it might be difficult to carry with the shorter handle.
  13. nah, i don't defend wife-beaters. i just help to raise billions of dollars for enormous, conscienceless corporations . . . . (funny you remeber the longe whip story.)

    thanks all for the good advice. i've been wondering all day what's holding me back from the birkin. then i realized that as i think about the bag, i keep wishing it were either bleu sapphir or chevre. or both. so i suspect it's not the birkin for me if i keep wishing it were something else. (if only i had thought this much before getting hitched . . . . :lol: ) anyway, perhaps that's the reason the head was saying yes, but the heart not following?
  14. vintage hac.........vintage hac.........vintage hac.........

    ....this is Shopmom doing what she does best....enabling.....
  15. ^Does that mean you have decided against both of them? I'm confused. You lost me after the "getting hitched" Are you just going to stick to horses?:upsidedown: