HELP! Views on Gris Tourterelle Birkin needed!

  1. Hi hi! I have been having problems accessing the forum and posting where I am at, but on the days that I can, I have been quietly drooling over everyone's new H-purchases. :tup: CONGRATS all!

    Today, my SA called to offer me a 35cm Gris Tourterelle, Togo Birkin with PH and I was wondering what are all you Hermes Experts' views on it?
    I have asked her for an Etoupe colour in the same combi and she's telling me the Gris is very similar.

    Does anyone have a Birkin in GT? I will really appreciate it if you can post a pic if you do!

    I have read through the threads and somehow I am getting the feeling that the GT is like a less attractive/ second best step-sister of Etoupe! :push:

    I have already turned down a Birkin from her previously (35cm BJ Birkin in SWIFT...I wanted Togo/Clemence) so I feel pretty bad stepping into the shop unless I am pretty sure of getting the bag! :sweatdrop:

    Any advice will be very much appreciated! Thanks! :flowers:
  2. [​IMG]

    GT Birkin from the color thread posted by MrsS - photo credit to nyfashionexpert (eBay).
  3. Dear Ms. A:

    I don't have anything in this color but would LOVE to have one as I've heard it is a very neutral color and I think it will go well with PH.

    You can try to check the ref section of the H forum and it will give you a better idea how the color is.

    If you can, try it on.

    But, if it's me, I won't pass this one; it's such a CLASSIC color and so easy to match with any wardrobe!!!

    Let us know how it turns out....
  4. i think i prefer gris tourterelle.
  5. MORGANNG, thanks! I think it is a good classic colour too :yes: but with Greys, I am half afraid that picking the wrong shade can look rather dull? :confused1:

    Handybags, thanks very much for the pic! I did see it when I read through the threads, I also got more pics from eBay. But I was hoping for some other 'real' shots as well.

    I noticed that GT does not use a White Thread like Etoupe does....
  6. GT is quite a bit paler than etoupe but they are both great neutrals. I have a massai in GT and it works with everything BUT it has got a little grubby although I do abuse it a bit and I'm sure a bit of care would bring it back. Here's a pic (under different light conditions) of my GT massai with a etoupe picolo in front to give you an idea of the colour difference:


    etoupevsgt.jpg etoupevsgt2.jpg
  7. Oooh! Thanks for the comparison pics and advice allaboutnice! When you put it together, the sure is some dfference!
  8. You're welcome :welcome:

    BUT, etoupe might look different according to the leather - the pics compare GT clemence with chevre mysore etoupe. I expect any differences will be minor though.
  9. I think they are both gorgeous colors. Let us all know what you decide.
  10. You are right that GT does not have white contrast stitching. It's tone-on-tone. GT is a purer shade of grey and honestly speaking, it's rarer than etoupe at this point in time. Paris has pushed out a lot more etoupe, and GT is trailing behind. Both etoupe and GT were apparently launched at the same time.

    The unique thing about GT birkins/Kellys is that the edging is black, not dark brown as seen on all other colours.

    I've tried one IRL and I can confirm that it's a beautiful and classy grey. You will be able to enjoy this colour/leather for a very long time to come. If you pass on this, you may not be able to get GT again, as Paris may not offer it again in the next season.
  11. Thanks for all your thoughts everyone!

    Mrssparkles, oh! I didn't notice the Black piping until you pointed it out! Thank you! :yes:
    Exactly!....I am usually rather focused on the combis I want, but it was the fact that the shade of Grey is more unique which is making me take a second look at it!

    I like that Etoupe seems more 'intense' though....And the White Piping really stands out.
    GT on the other hand is quietly elegant on its own....:shrugs:

    Thing is, the colour is so near it is either or....:push:
  12. I have this color and it is my favorite! I was puzzled at first but when I got it home it worked it self right into my wardrobe. The color is a cool shade and in certain light can give of a taupe; don't worry you will love it .My SA in Bev Hills said that it is really hard to get they produced very Little of it a year so not only will you have a great color it is in very limited # .
    I just started looking through the Your Hermes in action section and there is a pic of a bolide in Gris It is 37 so the pics are great look between 400 and 500, sorry for such a big gap but I started backward I'm going to try and get a new camera today so I can post my brother graduate and he took /stole my last one . Good luck.
  13. here's another kelly in gt. hope this helps :

  14. Sorry for the poor quality. The camera phone doesn't bring out the colors very well...but I hope this helps. My 35 cm GT Clemence birkin in shade and sun.



  15. I prefer the GT way way way over etoupe. I know etoupe's a favourite for many, but somehow it just doesn't sing to me. I saw a GT birkin about 1 month ago (a 30, I think?) and it's really gorgeous. :yes: