Help! Via Spiga boots - keep or sell?

  1. I have these Via Spiga "Linked" boots that I love, but when I put them on I'm not sure that they don't look too tough-biker-chick (which isn't me at all. I stick to really feminine styles.) What do you think? Should I keep them or return them (or sell on eBay maybe:shrugs: )? What do they say to you?

    Darn. I tried to upload a picture of them on, too, but the file was too large.
  2. Gorgeous! I would buy them in a heartbeat. They are absolute keepers!
  3. Hmmmmm.......I'd have to say sell. Especially if your style is more fem. If you keep them, will you get more than one or two uses out of them?
  4. I think they're cute! You could easily mix clothing with them where they wouldn't look "biker chick."
  5. Geez, this is such a tough one. How about this: Would you keep them, or return them and get these:[​IMG]
  6. I liek them but if you know that you wont be wearing them, its pointless to keep.