Help: Very worn leather - can this be saved???

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  1. I was looking at this MU which is for sale at a local site here in Denmark. I like the colour but the leather is very worn, especially on the upper part of the front. In some parts it's almost like suede - see pics. Do you think this can be saved/improved with moisturizer and shine restore? (I have the LMB Balenciaga kit) - or is it beyond saving? Sending it to LMB is not an option because I am in Europe and with postage and what LMB would charge it would cost too much to make it worth it - so I would only consider buying it if I thought it could be saved with some DIY...
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    Mods: I posted this message also in the "Rejuvenating, restoring...." thread yesterday but I don't think a lot of people look there - so can we keep this here for a little while to see if I get some response? I have no problem with it being moved later (or closed if noone responds). Thanks!
  2. IMO if the leather has scuffed, then any amount of moisturizer would not help restore it. The scuff would get worse with use what with abrasion if you leave them in a bag full of things. My screen resolution is not great so I am not sure if what I see are worn off/scuffed up leather or just darkened leather.
  3. unless it is REALLY cheap, i'd leave this one, in fact even if it WAS really cheap, think i'd give it a miss, it does look too worn to me.
  4. I too think that this is really too scuffed to be repaired with just creams.

    I would give it a miss, no matter how inexpensive it is.
  5. Thanks for your opinions! - the leather IS scuffed, so I think you are right! I'll pass...