**Help** Vernis 4 Key Holder OR Key & Change holder

  1. I want to order in frambroise. Does anyone know which one would work better? I drive a BMW and the key fob looks like this

    i like the 4 key holder better, but what do i do with the key fob? Is it suppose to hang outside? I heard with the key and change you can tuck it in? I dunno. Help me decide, I wanna take advantage of the free shipping on eluxury :yes:

    which one?

    4 key holder or change holder
  2. I love my key holder. I have two of them and I just let the alarm thingy hang outside.
  3. I find that if I have the change holder, it scares me a little to stick my keys on it because of the weight (I'm scared that it might hurt my car while in the ignition). I'd definitely get the 4 key holder, and your key fob can hang outside !
  4. ITA, the 4 key holder is very nice :smile:
  5. The key fob can probably fit onto the gold key holders with no problem? :shrugs:
  6. I like Change Holder more. IMO key fob hanging outside will look weird...:shrugs
  7. ^^ You might have to put another circle-ring around the key fob first, but then that's also prolly a better idea to give it some space to clear the key holder. :yes:
  8. would the actual key fob fit into the key holder and be able to close? :confused1:
  9. Yes, you need to get another ring to attach fat keys to the key holder....also. there's no way to fit my alarm thingy into the key holder and close it and I only have about 3 keys on them. Here's a pic...
    mc key inside.jpg easter 5.jpg

  10. thx for all your input :idea:
    Where'd you get the extra ring to attach the fob?
  11. They sell them at any place that sells keys. It's just a little split ring. You can prob. bet then at craft fairs too. By the way, my honda key is long and sticks out the end of the Black MC. Looks a little silly but oh well.....
  12. thx for all your help I really appreciate it ;) I just didn't want to buy it and not be able to use it
  13. I really, really love the two of mine. I bought a cles and it sits in its box. The keyholder I use every single day!!! You won't be disappointed!!!!
  14. I'd go w/ the 4-key holder
  15. which one do you like better between the 2 of yours? I'm thinking of also getting the vernis one.