HELP! Vanilla Bean was hurt....need advice

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  1. I need some advice, Vanilla Bean was playing on the couch with her older sister and she fell of the couch and onto the hardwood floor. She cried out in pain but was easy to console. After a minute of holding her she had a spasm or something. Her neck twisted one way and her body the other and seemed to be having a seizure. Her eyes were going in different directions- one straight and the other rolled, she looked very weird.
    It has been about 3 hours since the accident and she seems to be very dazed and a little un-coordinated. I checked her bones and none seemed broken, she didn't cry when I moved her legs around, but she did cry when I touched above her eye and she cried.
    I wonder if it is a bruise? Do you think it may be something life altering to her besides stress???
    AAAhhhhh, my poor baby seems sooo lethargic.

    There's a pic of her a few threads down on the main page of Animalicious......the little Pom-Chi pup...
  2. take her to the vet!
  4. PLEASE go to your nearest vet emergency room. She could have internal bleeding/damage.... and keep us posted! I'll say a prayer for Vanilla Bean!

  5. YES!! GO NOW!
  6. OMG Go to your normal vet or the emergency vet now!!!!!! If you don't know the name of one, google it to find one in your area.

    OMG I hope your baby is OK
  7. Thanks everyone for your help! I just got back from my vet's office and they checked Bean out, x-rays, blood work, and physical- GREAT NEWS! She'll be ok, she is traumatized still, according to the vet. If she doesn't perk up by Monday then she has to go back.
    My poor Beanie, she looks soooo cute and sad.

    Thanks again for your concern...
  8. *Phew* That's a huge relief!!! Good for you for being such a good mom :flowers:
  9. Oh well, that incredibly good to hear!! Baby needs love and rest now.
  10. Lots of TLC!!! Thanks for the GOOD NEWS!
  11. Thanks so much for your warm thoughts, I'm sure these helped her. They say she has a concussion and that of course we have to be real gentle with her. If you pull up her eyelid you can see blood on her eyeball- on the top part of the cornea- the whites, I guess. This was from stress from crying.....awwww. I'm gonna go cuddle with her now.
  12. OMG!!!! I'm so sorry you had to go through this! Hope Vanilla Bean is doing much better now! You are such a good mommy!
  13. Hope she is doing better, that is so sad to hear. Glad that it is minor and she isn't hurt very badly.
  14. Poor thing - glad it is not serious - she will need lots of love:heart:
  15. aww poor baby...hope she is feeling better by now.