HELP! Valentine Disaster!!

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  1. So, I ordered a jersey for my boyfriend, this was weeks ago, and I was promised multiple times that it would be in my hands before the 14th.

    Dear Talia
    In regards to your order it is my understanding that you need this jersey no later then the 13th of February. We will be able to make sure you jersey is in your hands no later then the 13th of February.
    Thank you
    Ross Litman

    Then I received an email saying this...

    Dear Talia

    I hope that your jersey is all that you hope for. Unfortunately I was not able to change the delivery date, I have spent a lot of time back and forth with ups and they are unable to get that to you on the 14th. I must apologize because this is my fault 100%, I hope that this does not ruin your valentines day. The best I think I can do is send you a digital picture of the jersey and you could give that and tell them the jersey will be here tomorrow. Please get back to me on what you would like me to do, and once again I would like to apologize.

    Thank you
    Ross Litman

    I'm sorry but a picture of my jersey is not good enough! I didn't pay $150 for the day after. Any ideas ladies about what I can do?? I'm desperate!

  2. I was also told by a customer service rep. "Don't worry! As I told you many times before, you'll get it for Valentine's day!!"
  3. who did you order this from?

    I don't understand why it can't get to you by Tuesday if it is in stock now?

    Many times people will blame manufacturing issues on UPS -

    I need more background on this..
  4. Ugh.. I'm not sure if it's really so great, but maybe at this point, you should just cancel the order. Maybe I'm just a spiteful person sometimes, but I would definately cancel just because someone has to learn that you can't to do this to a customer and expect them to take it !

    That's terrible though.. :sad:

    They are a Canadian company and I am in FL. Can't they upgrade my shipping although it is already in the hands of UPS?
  6. I really can't cancel.. they are the only company that would make the jersey because the NHL has rules against making a custom jersey with a retired players name if its a jersey of the team from which they retired. :sad:
  7. Well, then it is not UPS's fault; it is the company's fault.

    The company knows how long shipping is from them to every state in the US; they did one of two things:

    1 - Did not ship it in time to get to you.
    2 - Did not allow you to pay for express shipping to ensure V-day delivery. (you can't change it after the fact)

    I have been in retail auto-parts for 5 years and I ship product all over the country on a daily basis; as a shipper I am required to know product delivery times. The Company screwed up, NOT UPS.

    At this point all you can do is have a romantic dinner and tell your BF that his first gift is you - and his second gift arrives on Wednesday. :P
  8. LOL, thanks so much! Should I ask for some sort of compensation?
  9. You can, if you can prove that they were negligent in shipping the product in the promised time frame.

    often, I will give a customer a discount coupon if I want to keep their business and I can tell that I ruined their day.
    The key is how you "ask" for the compensation, if you just state how disappointed you are and how if you had been offered the "expedited" shipping method you would have selected it, blah, blah, blah, that you would like to remain a customer but this was very disappointing, blah, blah, blah, - they should offer you something if they are interested in keeping your business.

    Good luck - it will be okay, my b-day gift from neiman's was a no-show this year - they sent me an apology letter and refunded my hubby's next day air shipping and gift wrap.
  10. Thanks.. I just sent them an email saying I was dissapointed, I really wouldn't have ordered it at all if I wasn't going to be able to have the jersey by the 14th. But oh well, life goes on! Thanks so much for the help!
  11. They BETTER refund you that extreme shipping cost. $150 dollars could be spent elsewhere. like a down payment on a louis .lol:lol:
  12. I guess I'm going to buy him something little to at least give him something on the 14th.
  13. Yeah, they should refund you shipping at the very least :biggrin: