HELP! Valentine bag where can i get it?

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  1. HELP!

    Please let me know where I can get medium Valentine bag in red lamb in US!
    Also, is there any boutique or store carrying blue this year?

    Thanks for all the answers!
  2. I suggest calling a Chanel SA from Saks or Neiman's and have them look for one at any other store locations. Since they work on commision, they will be more likely to search nonstop and find you one (if available).
  3. Saks order the medium red lambskin and NM order the blue lambskin
  4. there is a blue valentine flap this year too????
  5. Saw red , black , beige and navy blue lamb V-flap IRL in HK boutique. I love the navy blue lamb the most.
  6. yes, it comes in navy blue:smile:
  7. they should start coming to US boutiques very soon... ;) just check with your SA and put your name on the list.. you should be able to get one..
  8. another confirm for Saks :yes: My Saks SA also informed me she is getting them, pm if you need a good Saks SA. Good luck to your search!
  9. Chanel off Rodeo Dr. had the red & black lambskin Valentine flap as of 2/7. Ask for Gaby.
  10. any new info?called saks and boutiques. they all sold out of the red lamb skin.
  11. luvall, I can't seem to locate one either. :sad: I'd like to find out if the boutiques will be getting additional stock, or if it was a one time shipment.
  12. I saw a pink (or red) lambskin valentine flap 2 weeks ago at the Neiman Marcus in Austin, TX. You can try to give them a call and see if it's still there.