Help! Vachetta, patina ??

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  1. Hi everyone. Soon i'm going to get the Speedy in Azur 30, and I am not hip to all this LV lingo. Such as patina, and vachetta.
    Also, can you treat this so it doesn't turn dark as quickly? I plan on using it for most of the spring and summer, and I don't want it to age very quickly. Basically, how do you care for this bag?
    Thank you!
  2. Vachetta is the leather itself and patina is the leather turning darker (aging) well thats what i've gathered/learned here!
  3. my understanding is that it will patina over time no matter what you do. my advice would be to keep it put up in the dust bag and keep it out of direct sunlight when possible.

    also do not hold the handles w/ your hands. you should just put it on your arm when carrying it.
  4. There really is nothing you can do. It will get darker no matter what you do. I agree about not using lotions, etc. on your hands and carrying it in the crook of your arm so it ages evenly. I like aged vachetta on mono pieces, but have to admit I don't care for it much against the azur, which is why I haven't gotten an azur bag. If you use it daily through the spring and summer, it likely will get pretty dark. Humidity and heat can also make it darker as well.
  5. Would you recommend that I don't get an azur? It's just that I have a Beaubourg in Damier Ebene, and I wanted something different and fresh.
  6. that the was speedy i wanted, the damier azur, but the thought of stressing out and worrying about the patina and such was too much for me, i just could not take it. so i got the damier ebene, if you feel you will spend too much time babying the bag, you might want to consider enjoyment too.
  7. Well i do like the azur, it's finally grown on me over the years. I'm not sure if I would like it w/ patina handles though....That may be a deal breaker.

    Honestly, it is a nice bag. Maybe you should look at photos of then where the handles have turned honey patina to see if you like it.
  8. few threads to check out
  9. If i decide not to get that bag, are there any other spring/summery bags you guys recommend?
    Just in case ... I still think I want it though
  10. the honey color makes the azur stunning - or else it's all ivory plain
  11. Ita^^^
  12. u could get the white multicolor speedy 30 instead
  13. I think i'm still gonna get the azur! I'm not really partial to anything MC
  14. I am get the Azur speedy in April I think its a good choice
  15. Please do a search in the FAQs section as there are lots of threads on this subject. Happy reading!
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