help! V-flap monogram continental wallet

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  1. #1 Apr 11, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2016
    I am in the market for a new wallet, and I'm absolutely in love with the style and color of this saint laurent wallet. I was initially thinking of the prada saffiano wallet on chain because I like that it has the chain option. I really wanted that option with saint laurent, but it seems like their WOC is just too big to work as a wallet even in a big tote bag.

    So I guess then my question is, those of you who own the continental flap wallet, do you miss that you don't have a chain option? Also, are you able to fit enough in there to carry as a clutch, such as iphone and keys?

    Please help, I'm so in love with it and just need to justify pulling the trigger!!

    here is the wallet I'm looking at
  2. I've got the wallet and you can fit an iphone 5 or 6. U can fit more than 1 key if placed side ways but not a bunch of keys. Hope that helps!
  3. The WOC is not your standard wallet size, you're correct. I'd say it's most definitely too big to be practical. Although, it's extremely versatile when I'm on the go and only need cards and a few bills, and can fit my fat iphone case and a pack of gum, and not look like it's bulging. I personally didn't care for the continental wallet because the ratio of the gold monogram size to the size of the wallet was an aesthetic I preferred on the bigger WOC. However, the matelasse leather is quite durable, but I'd also recommend avoiding light colors for a wallet if you anticipate it'll tarnish sitting at the bottom of your handbag.

    You will need to be careful of the gold monogram chipping against your keys or metals in your purse, and this is why I personally couldn't consider a wallet from YSL. This is something that's unfortunately common, as the typeface is very skinny and raised more than say, the Chanel logo. The more you know!
  4. Thanks that's perfect! I just want to be able to fit my phone inside if I want to carry it as a clutch
  5. Ugh I'm jealous, their WOC is gorgeous. I already have a chanel crossbody and was really only looking for a wallet, so for now the ysl WOC will have to be put on hold. Thanks for all the advice on the materials!
  6. Will an iPhone 6 plus fit in the wallet?
  7. I'm not too sure as I don't have an iphone 6 plus but I can check the measurements later and guess?
  8. Just put the iphone 6 in my wallet and it just fits due to the gussets on the sides of the wallet so I'm going to guess probably not. Maybe someone who has a 6 plus can shed some light? Hope that helps.
  9. Thanks!