Help! Utterly confused by Bluefly Ball bag.

  1. You ladies are such a bad influence! :p My mother has an orange ball bag from Fall 2006, so I've been lusting after one. All your raves about BV pushed me over the edge, and I snapped up:

    Bluefly - Designer apparel & accessories for women - save up to 75% every day - #2074373 - Bottega Veneta light brown woven leather 'Ball' hobo

    Or so I thought. When the bag came:
    • the color doesn't match the image :wtf: (it looks like this color even in direct sunlight, which confused me because I thought that there were only Noce & Ebano) but the order form states that it's Noce.
    • there is no mirror.
    • there is no authenticity card.
    • the dustbag obviously belongs to a smaller BV bag -- only half of the ball bag fits in the dustbag!
    • there is a hole :cursing: along one seam of the center pocket.
    When I called Bluefly asking the difference between the 2 bags online, the rep said that they're the exact same bag even though the style numbers are different. She claimed that the colors were identical on her monitor; however, I've looked on several monitors, and they're distinctly different. This one (the one I thought that I ordered) matches what iluv got, while this one looks like what I actually have.

    So I'm confused about whether the bag is even authentic! Can anyone help me out? FWIW, the last numbers on the ID tag say "2660" -- is that the number code for Noce?

    Thanks in advance for any help/advice!
  2. I am sorry not to be of much help but I thought that the color was noce and the Ball bag only came in ebano, noce and black but when I look at the 2 images, they are very different versions of the noce.

    Yesterday I bought the Ball bag in ebano but when I came home I got an e-mail from Bluefly that the order was cancelled because they no longer had it. I was very disappointed.

    I think it is terrible your bag came without the mirror and that the dust bag is the wrong size and that the bag has a tear. Can you just return it????

    Also when you look at the Bottega Veneta font engraved in the leather are you sure it is authentic? The font shoud be all serifs.

    Please let us know how Bluefly responds. What was the final price for this bag on Bluefly? Their site is very confusing re Bottega Veneta. Right now I am seeing 2 Ball bags in noce.

  3. Yikes...What a nightmare!

    To be honest, the bag which you received seems to be the "right" colour for Noce. The image of the bag which you ordered, just seems to be a low res/ bad pic of the colour Noce. However, the sales rep's claim that both images are the same colour is def trying to pull a fast one on you, cos they're distinctly different on my screen as well.

    That said, I think you should def return the bag, just based on all the points you listed!
    1) it didn't come with a mirror,
    2) there's no authencity card,
    3) wrong sized dust bag,

    4) and most importantly, there's a hole in a seam!!

    So sorry to hear that ya first BV buy was such a terrible experience. Def do a return, and keep us updated on what happens.

  4. I would totally return the bag! It's way too much money to spend and not get the card, right dust bag etc. PLUS it has a hole! IMHO you deserve better for that kind of money.

    Best of luck.
  5. I checked my noce Ball bag and the last numbers are 2660. My ball has a mirror so it should come with one.

    When I looked at the Bluefly website the two light browns do look different. I would sent it back just for the fact it has a hole in the seam.

    They've been popping up on Bluefly for the last few months so you should be able to get another one.
  6. Yep. That's noce's color code. Mine says 2660 as well.
  7. Thanks for all the info/advice, ladies. I find it so strange that there's such a variance in Noce's shade!

    I'm going to return it because of all the issues, although I'm a bit irked at Bluefly for shipping my item in such shoddy condition (i.e. no mirror, wrong dustbag, hole in lining) and I'll have to eat the s/h costs. It was such a good (theoretical) deal though. :crybaby: Hopefully I'll find the right BV for me soon!
  8. That's probably a wise decision. They will start paying attention to those quality issues more when people send back and note those reasons. Unfortunately with on- line ordering you are at the mercy of receiving someone else's return and also not being able to see the color in person. Sometimes you have to go through a few returns and different vendors to find what you are looking for.
  9. Glad you are sending it back. Did you considering ordering another Ball from them or are you through with Bluefly? (I've seen a few Noce Balls online recently)

    I recently received a Veneta hobo from Bluefly and all seemed perfect (condition, cards, mirror, dustbag), but just the other night I completely pulled the lining out only to find a little grunge way deep (looked like shadows originally) AND a small hole in the seam too!! I've got another one coming *hopefully* to compare conditions and decide if either bag is worth it. While I'm saving $500 off for a bag with a small hole, I'm still paying $1100 for a bag with a hole!

    At first I assumed since mine appeared so pristine that Bluefly's BVs were simply unsold stock from small stores, but now it appears many may be 'returns with issues'.
  10. Well, hopefully you won't have any problems getting your money back. Good luck!
  11. Having read all the horror stories in the Chloe forum, I don't trust BF. :s
  12. ^^Have they been posted recently? What happened?
  13. Good thing you checked the bag before using it! :push:

    At least Bluefly has a generous return policy, albeit I wouldn't have even bought mine in the first place if I knew my order would be so messed up. I think that I'm going to avoid Bluefly for a while since it's annoying to pay $15 in s/h for nothing, but I'm sure that they'll have something so tempting that I'll order again in the future.

    Come to think of it, the majority of my Bluefly orders have been returned b/c the item wasn't as I had imagined. And I say that I don't like to gamble. ;)
  14. Fauve, the "Bottega Veneta" font is serif while "Made in Italy" is sans serif. I brought my Bluefly ball bag to my mother's and did a careful comparison with her orange ball that she bought at a BV store, and mine seems authentic. My dad even came up with the good idea of weighing the 2 empty bags as a comparison (Bluefly ~650g, mom's ~700g). So I'm pretty sure mine is real, but I'm guessing that it either failed QA or was a customer return.

    I got the bag for $1504-15%.
  15. i dont trust them either.....