Help! USPS not tracking package printed with electronic label

  1. Hey there. I dropped off a Priority mail package with signature confirmation and insurance on Monday (with electronic label I printed online) to my local post office and because my post office DOES NOT scan packages, there is no record of me ever dropping off the package. If the package never shows up, can I file an insurance claim through the post office? Also, because I'm the seller, I assume I will need to reimburse the buyer? i've been googling it and people are saying NO, I can't file an insurance claim since there is no proof I dropped off the package! What the heck? This makes no sense since both post offices I go to don't scan incoming packages with computer generated electronic labels. HELP and any info would be much appreciated!!!
  2. Why on earth don't they scan incoming pckages? Did you ask them and they refused?
  3. I have the same problem, my local post office won't scan them either, they just take it from me and when I ask them to scan them they say "no, its scanned later when its in the system." I got cursed out once when I asked again if the lady could just give me a receipt for them. I know its just because they are, I hate to say this, but too lazy to do it.

    Hence with big ticket items I always go to the post office for the labels now.

    I'm sorry to say that No, if it doesn't show up in the system you can not file a claim. There is no proof that you dropped it off at all. They will tell you after you file that the is no such package in the system so the insurance it void. You can still file but the thing is if they don't show its in the system, then there is no legal proof you ever gave it to the USPS.

    Which does make sense, because if not anyone can print and label and say the dropped it off and then claim the insurance.
  4. Unfortunately, you can’t file an insurance claim until the package gets a scan of some kind. I understand your concern. I am finding that because of the huge mail load this time of year, some of the packages I have dropped off are not getting the usual scans that I see any other time of the year. When a package is dropped off, its taken to a processing center and sorted. The packages are placed on a conveyor belt and a large scanner overhead (not a person) will scan as the packages go through. Right now though, there are so many packages traveling through the centers, not every package will be scanned. You may not see a scan until the package arrives at the destination post office or until it gets delivered. I am also finding that packages are taking a few extra days to be delivered. I hope your package gets delivered soon- I know it can be stressful, especially with a high value package.
  5. Some postal clerks won't scan online labels (at dropoff) unless you've printed a scan sheet. They aren't required to do so, the theory being that printing labels at home saves time and money for both sender and post office. They aren't required to scan them.

    Your package will be scanned, especially with the extra services you paid for. I think you're worrying needlessly way too soon.
  6. THANKS SO MUCH everyone! I wish that I had posted this before I sent out the package as my package is over $300 :sad:. I sent 2 other packages that day and they were both delivered on Wednesday (they weren't even sent priority mail either). Those packages had items that were worth about $30! It doesn't make sense that the insurance won't work if the item isn't scanned since some post offices refuse to scan the packages??!! Why use the online insurance then? Has anyone tried to file an insurance claim and got denied because the item never scanned? I've been checking daily and no info...nothing. zilch. Not encouraged but hoping something will show up. The buyer hasn't contacted me yet (except for the first day saying the tracking didn't work and I explained that the always has a delay in tracking). IT's now day 4 and no info. Will keep you posted.
  7. Yes, I did ask and they refused just like Jacer. They tell me it's not their job and it will get scanned later (at the 2 post offices closest to me that I use). It's very frustrating!
  8. It doesn't need to be scanned on acceptance for insurance; ONLY on delivery.
    As I said, you purchased extra services and it WILL be scanned.

    Packages with delivery confirmation do NOT need to be scanned along the way. Though it often does happen, it's not required either by the post office or by paypal. All that's needed is that it shows as "delivered" at the end of the journey.

    Personally, I have a pet peeve with USPS's use of the term "tracking" because it implies that you can follow the package along the way from sender to recipient, but tracking is a misnomer. The correct term IS delivery confirmation -- that's all that needs to be shown at the end of the journey. (And when s.c. is purchased, that too is shown at the end, but again, it's not necessary for the interim scans to be posted.)
  9. Print the scan sheet. That is why I use PP to ship and click the multi-order link. The carrier or the counter person scans the scan sheet and gives it back to you. It may take up toe 12 hrs to update in the system but usually I see the acceptance scan within a few hrs.
  10. My PO always scans my packages, but I know that they are not required to do so, because online labels are discounted for that same reason - no extra work for post office.
    I did speak to a postmaster about insurance once and he said that insurance may not pay if there is no proof that you actually mailed the package. Just because a person generated the label does not mean that the package was actually shipped.
    That said, delivery confirmation although is called tracking number is not really a tracking number. It is only a delivery confirmation number and is not required to be scanned until it is delivered.
  11. thx again gals! i had to ship some things today so talked to the manager and he said i would be covered by the insurance (even though no tracking is showing up) but of course, he also said he wasn't the one processing claims. i am REALLY hoping it's just the holiday season. day 4 and nothing... but still holding out hope!
  12. Agreed
  13. Alright gals, you were right! You were right. The item finally showed up in the system today and is on its way:woohoo::yahoo: ...almost a week later! It's not exactly priority mail but i'm just sooo happy it's not lost. Will use that scanning sheet in the future. I so appreciate all the feedback here. You TPFers rock!!! Happy holidays everyone:biggrin:
  14. I can only say that your post office clerk is lying to you:nuts:. They are lazy and don't want to be bothered. I ship almost everyday selling on eBay and I can only say that when I stand in line my post office scans my prepaid packages and prints out a scan copy of the receipt :smile:for me. Only when I just drop them off I get nothing. Beware of just leaving them in a basket at the post office some can and will steal them.

    When the drop box is full at my post office and I cannot leave them on the counter I weait in line or drive to another post office. I have had a few packages walk away because once you just drop them in the canvas basket no one is watching the basket and it just sits there until it gets full and they decide to move it away to the back.

    Anyone can put a package in the bin and if they are devious take one out and walk out of the post office, be careful. I have had packages lost by the post office returned to me two years later empty. I suspect foul play and once one of the returned shipping containers had a tire mark on it as though the package fell out of the bin being transported and run over..
  15. They do scan it. If you hand it to a mail carrier, they scan it...but you have no receipt.

    If you go to a post office (have to wait in line), but hand them the package, they weigh it, confirm it, print you a receipt that says acceptance....I always do it with my more expensive items. I would only drop off if it's before their pick up time. If you dropped off after their pickup time, and it sat in the lobby, than anyone can steal it, because most post offices have po boxes and leave the lobby open 24x7.