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  1. That was my favourite too! I thought it a pretty and straightforward graphic. Plus the bag actually looked like a bag.
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  2. attachment_104381556.jpeg
    Of the choices I gravitated most towards this 1. The dialog Box creating the handle looks very streamlined. Would it be possible for this designer to make more iterations off of it? Possibly a winner could arrive from 1 of the variants.
  3. #46
  4. Ditto. :girlsigh:
  5. I think the strongest/most successful icons are the ones that convey the message fastest to the widest audience. IMO, 80 or 88 could be successful if they were tweaked further.
  6. Were boardies 'commissioned' or even informed of this? I have a feeling there are some talented graphics people here everyday without having to go to the outside.
  7. My vote goes to this one! It is very cute, joyful and "easily understood" without being boring, nor did it resemble a onlinestore's shopping cart as much as the other two bag inspired icons! No risk that anyone will try to buy our bags! :amuse::giggle:

    Looking forward to seeing which one ends up as the winner! :flowers:
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  8. I don’t like any of them, sorry. They look like toasters or irons to me.
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  9. I was hoping for whimsical/charming plus intuitive but I don't see either quality in these. The one that looks best graphically is 88, but its connection to the concept "purse" is not intuitive.
  10. additional thoughts as to why I like the icon above:

    1) It functions well as a stencil due to its simple and clean design.

    This icon is also very nice but the 3D effect from the gradient and shading will be lost once it is used as a stencil.

    Why is a strong stencil/outline important? We need this to look good across multiple uses i.e. superimposed on backgrounds, linked on blogs, etc.
  11. No, I didn't poll the community. Perhaps I should!

    Any designers listening in, feel free to submit your own designs. :nuts:
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  12. The designer submitted this variation that shows different usage cases. To be honest, it resonated best with me as well.

    Attached Files:

  13. The one above with the dark background makes all the difference in the world. I like that one a lot.
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  14. Same. Sorry! But everything's too pink and too "sharp-edged" for me. And the bags look a bit like irons...

    (There are ways for an icon to be feminine without being 3 shades of pink.)
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  15. How about: 05D2CE78-B108-4236-B87C-91A2912720B3.jpeg