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  1. #1 Feb 11, 2019
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2019
    I commissioned a designer contest to draft up an icon that would be associated with TPF for various graphics, the forum icon for the phone link and other applications. The following are the strongest submissions, let us know by voting on your favorites at the link below:

    Also feel free to comment in this thread and let me know your thoughts.


    P.S. As suggested in this thread, if there are any resident designers on TPF that would like to throw their own designs into the mix, feel free to do so in this thread. :heart:
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  2. I want to love these. Of these choices #80 and #88 seem strongest to me. :flowers:
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  3. The one I love the most is the one without a handbag!
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  4. I did take a look but I don’t really care for any of them.., is it bad to say that? <sorry!!!>
  5. I couldn't pick one I liked the best either. Maybe back to the drawing board... because I didn't vote.
  6. Same here. I didn’t particularly like any of them. I voted for the one that was all the same color. The other ones with the multiple colors seem really dated.
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  7. :lol: my favorite is the least liked. I thought it was a nice mix of classic and modern.
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  8. I am afraid that I felt the same way, sigh.
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  9. That was mine as well. I am usually not a picky person at all, known to be very laid back and can always find something I like about everything. But honestly I struggled with these.
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  10. Just ok don't really care for any of them
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  11. Sorry, but the ones with a handbag are just too oddball, not edgy or modern, just weird.
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  12. I voted but don't care for any of them. We can do better!
  13. I’m sorry, but I don’t like any of them
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  14. Not a fan of any of them as well.
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  15. They all look terrible. I agree - back to the drawing board indeed!