Help us pick out a new car for DH! We're lost!!!!

  1. DH had an accident the other night on the autobahn and pretty much totaled his car (not his fault, he was rear ended). Now we're in the market for a new one since the insurance company even says it won't be worth it to repair the damages. We were going to get a new car soon anyway, but we just weren't expecting it to be this soon!

    Anyway, right now we've got an X5 on loan (that I like very much, but it's an older model!) and we went out looking this morning.

    Here's what we've got on our list so far:

    Toyota Land Cruiser


    -automatic, meaning both of us would be able to drive
    -relatively roomy with a 3rd row back seat option
    -takes Super fuel which is VERY expensive
    -quite large and the trunk space isn’t that great.
    -Wasn’t really a fan of the test drive
    Price: [FONT=&quot]60.064 EUR

    [/FONT][FONT=&quot] Lexus RX 400h Executive
    -Hybrid car, good for the earth and good for our wallet
    -Nice test drive
    -Backseat seems tight with a carseat in it.
    -Trunk isn’t as roomy as we’d like
    -Can’t hear it when it turns on, and backs up and I think this could be dangerous
    Price: [FONT=&quot]61.000 EUR

    BMW X5
    Mmmm, yummy! :nuts:
    [/FONT] Positives:
    -3rd row seating
    -DVD player included
    -Heads up display
    -Lots of room
    -Most expensive of the group
    -Didn’t drive as nicely as the Lexus IMO, but DH says it drove great
    Price: [FONT=&quot]67.000 EUR


    We got to test all of these cars (and then some) and have pretty much narrowed it down to these few...But now we're lost. We don't know any people who have actually had these cars, so we don't know that types of experience others have had with them.

    Any help? :smile:
  2. I'm a BMW girl, so I am biased. =D
  3. Me too! :biggrin: His old car was a BMW and I absolutely LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVED it! I love the X5 that we've got on loan now, it's fabulous. The new one was even more fabulous. It looks so goooooood in white!
  4. Well, I say go with the extra room--I only have one child but LOVE having a SUV with the extra room.
  5. Okay, we just crossed the Escalade off of our list since it's too expensive...So!
  6. We also only have one child, but DH travels a lot for work and usually has to take very large boxes with him and needs a car that can accomodate all of that
  7. We went to the Mazda dealership today, but they only had used cars and new sedan type cars - no SUVs or station wagons. I just looked on the website and saw the CX-7 on there. It looks very nice! Will have to call a dealership a bit futher away to see if they have them available for viewing. Showed it to DH and he liked the outside very much too :smile: Thanks Roo!!
  8. You're welcome! You might want to check out the CX-9 too. It's a bit larger in back... :yes:

    Here's a pic of mine:

  9. Wow, very nice Roo! Loving the color :graucho:

    I didn't see the CX-9 on the website, but will ask when we visit another dealer :smile:
  10. love love the BMW! My mom had one, but she had to get a mini van :sad: mee sad

    BMW! BMW! BMW! :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:
  11. ^ lol. Someone must like BMW! ;)
  12. Out of those I'd go for the Lexus. They're a gorgeous car and I love that they're a bit different to all the other 4X4's like BMW's & Porsche's that I'm sick of seeing. If I was going to buy a car I'd go for that Lexus it's a beautiful car and it stands out from the crowd IMO.
  13. I like the Lexus very much, too. You don't see them (or Lexus in general) very often around where I live and BMW, Mercedes and Porsche SUVs seem to be more popular!

    I've heard great things about their reliability and lifespan
  14. Hi I am glad your Hubby is well, I would go for the BMW x5, because although the lexus is lovely, it would be easier to get parts etc for the BMW, if you love the older model of the X5 you would love the newer one!. JUST IMO! Good luck with whatever you get and enjoy it!!x