Help us pick a new wall color for our bedroom! :)

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  1. Hi everyone,

    once exams are finished and DH takes a 2 week vacation at the end of July we want to repaint our bedroom. Right now it's a lavendar color...but we want to change it.

    We have birch-colored furniture so I think a yellow would be out...

    Does anybody have any ideas???
  2. I am really in to grey lately as a wall color. Not super dark, like a light-medium grey. It looks great with white trim and is super modern but still really neutral. If some of your decor is purple now (since you said your walls are lavender), you can get a grey with an undertone to match. If I was painting a wall right now, that's what I'd do. Good luck!
  3. what colors do you like? you can go many ways.
    red - dramatic
    light blue - calming
    sage green - cheery

    what color bedding do you have or are you going to get new stuff to coordinate with the wall color?

    i wish we could paint...but no time :sad:
  4. I love green as a color neutral, but blue is also a good choice. these are both prevalent colors in nature, so they will work well with a variety of wood tones, fabric colors, & styles. I gravitate towards a green with blue undertones, but you'll have to see what you like with the swatches. every other color goes with green, so you won't be limited in your other accent colors.

    have fun! I love painting.
  5. Thanks for the tips guys!

    I like pinks, purples, yellows, blues...nice girly colors ;) DH says he doesn't really care, as long as it's not hot pink :P
  6. It is a great is a sage green, very calming and cool.
  7. I love accents walls versus having the entire room one color. I have really dark furniture in my guest room (almost looks black). The walls are restrained gold (actual Duron color name) the average person would call it yellow but I equate "yellow" with being
    an old fashioned kitchen color.
  8. Paint it hot pink and see what your husband says :P
  9. I love dramatic and I would do the red or orange, goes well with the birch HOWEVER they say (feng shui) that those colors are not good in the bedroom so you probably want to go with something calming.
  10. An architect gave me this tip once:

    Always choose a wall color you look good against.
    In the bedroom and bathroom, always choose a color you look good against when naked.

    Think of the clothes that look best on you and DH. Pick those colors.

    I would stay away from any shade of blue or blue-gray: they would make the bedroom feel extra cold in winter. A blue with a warm color in it (red or yellow) would be good, like teal or violet.

    Don't leave the ceiling white. You will feel like you are in a refrigerator box when you are in bed and looking up. Not romantic.
  11. I agree with Amanda, I'd go grey. I want to paint my dining room grey. But I've been obssesed with the color grey in anything for awhile now!
  12. White, white, white! I have had colours & they drove me crazy, my walls are white now & I love it. My furniture is mahogany so enough darkness!
  13. My bedroom is a blue/greyish color and it doesn't feel colder in the winter at all!

    Here's the current color of my bedroom (it's very similar to this one anyways):

    I would just say to pick a color that you love and don't mind looking at everyday. I love blue and I like that it's a subtle blue/grey and not too bright or overwhelming. We topped it off with white trim and I can't get enough of it!