Help us name our baby!!


What name do you like best for our baby girl??

  1. Laura

  2. Katja

  3. Natalia

  4. Lily

  5. Emilia

  6. Heidi

  7. Leni

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  1. Hey everybody!!

    I posted a thread here:

    with a list of baby names that we had picked out. Well, we've narrowed it down to 5 names that we love + 2 that we are still on the fence about :smile: We can't really decide on one, so we've decided to ask for help from basically everyone we know, lol.

    I'd appreciate it if you all could vote :smile: If you don't like any of the names, feel free to say so! It won't hurt my feelings :smile: I appreciate your honesty. All of the names fit with both of our last names.

    Okay, let's start voting!
  2. I think Lily is really pretty.
  3. I picked Natalia as I think it's a beautiful name, my second choice would be for Lily.
  4. I picked Natalia too. SO pretty!
  5. I picked Lily, too.
  6. I love Natalia. It sounds gorgeous.
    I'm not too fond of Leni (reminds me of Suri for some weird reason lol) and I think that some kids might make fun of Katja since it it's a bit unusal.
    No offense to the above! :yes:
  7. katja for me coz its not a common name. second choice would be natalia coz it sounds cute...
  8. I LOVE the following (top the most):

  9. Actually, Katja isn't that unusual in Germany. I knew many when growing up. :idea:
  10. Lily
  11. Natalia!
  12. natalia or emilia. or lily natalia or lily emilia if you don't already have a middle name picked out. i like a middle name to be longer than the first name for some reason, even if you did end up calling her by the middle name.
  13. I like Emilia!And then Katja!
  14. We specifically chose names that aren't "You're gonna get made fun of" names :smile: We live in Germany, and Katja is fairly well known and common - so the getting made fun of thing isn't an issue ;)

    Thanks for letting me know what you think! I appreciate it :biggrin:
  15. i love the name natalia but i did not want to have to correct peopl, because some would end up calling her natalie or mispronouncing the name, for that reason i vote for lily.