Help us make tPF number one!

  1. My vote is in. Thanks, tPF for all the hard work!

  2. Just joined & voted!
  3. I voted!
    I voted under "Best Blog of All Time" and "Best Shopping Blog"

    All time only has 16 votes right now.
    Don't we have way more members than that?! LOL
  4. There are 49,493 user IDs on tPF. You'd think we could get more than 16 votes! LMAO
  5. on my way there now!
  6. we weren't nominated for that until yesterday.
    We were only nominated for Shopping Blog, that's why there's so few votes on the other categories.
  7. lol yeah I know...

    Still is funny to me we're just now breaking close to 100 when Perez Hilton has closer to 900. He isn't THAT cool. Not cool like us!! hehe
    We'll make it tho. I just know it!
  8. Signed up and voted. Thanks for letting us know.
  9. let's keep the votes coming in!
  10. I voted!
  11. I voted. I'm going to "encourage" DH to register and vote tomorrow too.
  12. voted for all categories :biggrin:!!! woot comeo n guys theres only a few votes =.=...we can beat perez..I can't stand the guy
  13. I voted and commented.
  14. Fantastic!! Thanks for posting and thanks to all the mods, Megs, and Vlad!!! :flowers: