Help us Choose Our Picture for Our SAVE THE DATE 4 Our Wedding!

  1. We're getting married October 5, 2008 (as I've posted all over this forum with wedding Q's!) and decided to send out our first Holiday Card and combine it with our "Save the Date!" - so we did some pictures today in the cold NY snow - but we're torn between two! Help us choose!

    Option A:

    Option B:

    And a cute candid from our "shoot" :p (not an option, lol)
  2. A!
  3. A! :smile:
  4. Definitely, A! So cute!
  5. A, for sure. But that last one is so cute and funny! Congratulations.
  6. I vote for C not an option - so natural and captures you both beautifully without being contrived.
  7. A!!!!

    ...or C, if it were an option :p
  8. A or C.
  9. A!
  10. I love A! It's a beautiful picture!
  11. A! So cute!
  12. First of all..great pictures!! I choose option A!
  13. I like A.. very nice picture :smile:
  14. I vote B. However, I really prefer C, the not an option choice the best. It seems really natural and fun.
  15. a!! it's very cute!