Help urgently needed for CL Virgin!!

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  1. AHHH!!

    Am new to site (which is HEAVENLY!!) and also a virgin CL buyer, bless me. I am having a nightmare over what to do about buying Laponos.

    I reckon I have aged 30 years reading so much stuff on these shoes and am dangerously near to drawing the conclusion that I simply wont be able to buy them OMG!!

    Sizing issue - no one seems able to walk in these (realise they are high but heels are my personal talent so vaguely confident), everyone seems to be reselling them cos they don't fit, and most worrying no one seems to know what size is correct so here are my feet stats, any help generously rewarded with v v kind thoughts directed at you :smile:

    I'm a euro 36, all uk 3's from high street fit me. Apparently and much to my horror I appear to have been "blessed" with average to wide feet (I rather thought they were dainty but hey-ho). I have no previous CL experience (a crime I know) but Jimmy Choo seem to make shoes for dwarves and my 36 Entices were only fit for tiny elves (v narrow, oddly shaped for foot and toes hanging over the end). I still lovingly look at them every day with awe.

    Do you suggest I get a 36.5 or go for the full size up 37, in which case am worried the heel will slip. OR DO I NOT GET THEM AT ALL!! Am so in love with these but the fun is wearing thin - it seems reading loads of comments CL never makes a pair of shoes that fit anyone normally, and the Lapono seems to be everyones worst culprit?? Please tell me it is not so (and apologies for any disrespect of the divine Christian). HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :confused1:

    Ps anyone know of a pair on the market in black leather with silver zip in the 36, 36.5 or 37? plus anyone know what a good price to pay BNIB is?

    Loving this site, many laughs reading what you all say.
  2. I got the Laponos from NM months ago and i ordered a full size up. They do run small, so I would suggest you get the 37. However, I ended up returning them since they were truly uncomfortable!!
  3. Start with a simple or vp....timeless and infinitely more comfortable!
  4. I don't wnat to ever be put off CL shoes so really thanks you guys.

    Any idea if the Rolando is a comfortable, safe starter bet? It was next on my hit list!

    Sorry about your Laponos Magdelena, must say am gutted but glad I asked :smile:
  5. Lady Vee, about the Rolandos, I've heard mixed results. I actually heard someone say that they have become more comfortable over time. But, I think most people think they are fairly comfortable shoes.
  6. Yeah I agree with Daisy about the Rolandos - when I tried a pair on last weekend the pain I experienced on my big toe (from just trying them on!!!) was like no other but I think we have established that I overly sensitive feet because a lot of other people on here don't suffer at all.

    I would suggest doing what I did if you can - and heading over to a store which stocks CL's to trial a few styles for yourself. I found that many styles just weren't suited to me which was disappointing but saved me a lot of heartache from buying a pair from eBay just to find they didn't fit and not being able to return them! It's a lot of money to spend on something which might not work out!!! GOOD LUCK :flowers:
  7. I find the Rolando v.comfortable for a 5inch heel - I would say that the suede is easier to live with than the patent tho'
  8. I think the Rolandos are pretty comfortable, but it also depends on what material you get them in. Apparently the patent ones can be very uncomfortable, but I don't think anyone thinks that the suede ones are. If you do find them uncomfortable at first, suede isn't hard to break in.
  9. I echo what Chins said, if you're worried about comfort I'd def. get suede or kid over patent. I'd also size a full size up in the Laponos. If your true size is 36, don't even think of getting them in a 36 unless you have extremely narrow feet.
  10. I am sooo glad I reg'd on this site, you guys have really helped and I totally will let you know how I get on, whether you want me to or not ;)

    I will not be beaten by my tiny but seemingly odd shaped feet and the complexity of Louboutins freaky sizing! No pain no gain. Laponos still monopolise my thoughts, never been a comfort girl, but have to say am now edging them out for Rolandos. Ta and happy shopping - you are all a terrible influence! :smile:
  11. Just doing our job....100% enabling all the time!
  12. :biggrin:

  13. Hey guys, obviously now also researching Rolandos as well as Laponos - you any good at spotting fakes. Found these and the dustbag, box, insole and bottom of show are all obscured, plus this seller seems to accept really low price. As I am such a virgin, seem dodgy to me, but bowing to your superior judgement.
  14. I think you should just avoid ioffer. I don't think they have anything authentic on there.
  15. I now agree just seconds after posting. I research all my ebay buys so I always get authentic (DVB jeans - sooooooo many fakes, now an expert on authentic) but just don't have CL knowledge yet. Ioffer has nothing but bad posts on this site and personally, I think it should be removed as a website (very controversial!!)

    Seriously I am soooooooooo glad I reg'd on this forum...
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