Help. UPS tracking says LunaBoston package was left at front door yesterday....


Jan 22, 2007
Los Angeles
I ordered from Luna Boston.. I put my name/Front Office in the name area because I live in an apt complex. They required a signature- my office signed for the package. Hope that helps and your package arrives safely!
i had this same problem with a wallet i bought from bluefly :sad:
It was sent dhl and they left it on my stoop
i am not sure where you live but i live in brooklyn ny and there are people around my stoop all the time, i dont have a porch i have a stoop
the menu guys come up the stoop like 40 times a day, mail men, flyer ppl etc
and so i was waiting and waiting for my package, then i had to go out

then the next day i was waiting and waiting and went to track it and it said left on stoop
WELL if it was left there it was gone by the time i got home so blah blah long story short i had to wait like weeks and weeks for dhl and bluefly to investigate and see if they could locate the package (like did the guys not deliver it or something?)
and then like weeks later finally bluefly had to resend it and with a signature required and DHL of course somehow had to take care of it cause it was their fault for leaving it

without a signature means the driver CAN leave it at his own discretion, but HELLO no one in their right mind thinks its a good idea to leave a package on a stoop where people are 15 steps from the front door all day every day UGH

im so sorry! :sad: it was such a pain in the ass working this out BUT it did work out and i had my item resent so dont fret i think that if for some reason somone took it you will get a replacement and of course you wont be out any $ good luck keep us posted :sad:


Sep 10, 2006
That happened to me with Gap/UPS once upon a time. They claimed they left the package on my doorstep but it was never there. My doorstep is very secluded - I think they just delivered to the wrong house and somebody kept my stuff. Anyway, UPS were big jerks about it, they got all accusatory on me, acting like I kept the stuff and was lying abt it. Gap ended up taking the hit and resent the stuff to me.

But to this day UPS gives me a major hard time abt any deliveries - they REFUSE to leave anything on my doorstep and make me pick up packages from their distribution center. If I'm not home between 9 and 4:30, why would I be able to drive across town to pick up a package from them? ok rant over.

Good luck finding your stuff!


I can't stoaaaaahp!!
Apr 10, 2007
In "H"andbag "H"eaven
How annoying! UPS leaves stuff at my door all the time (without a signature!) and I'm always annoyed because someone else could always potentially take it. I'm sorry this happened to you!


May 17, 2007
The Pie Hole
UPS used to always require a signature, but now they've decided that they'll just leave packages sent to residential addresses. Sucks if there isn't a place to hide packages from street view at your home. I've had a couple of things go missing, but haven't yet had any issue with getting replacements. Usually the store will resend the items then handle the claim with UPS themselves.

I used to always have things delivered to my office address so I know there's someone there to sign for it, but once someone signed for my package who DIDN'T WORK IN MY OFFICE! So either the UPS guy delivered to the wrong office and they kept my things, or he just handed the box to some random passerby who then also kept my things! Now I just take my chances with the house. At least it's far enough from the street that no one can see my front door.


Oct 6, 2007
UPS leaves things all the time here with no signature. I have requested that they put it in my backyard behind the fence if I'm not home. This makes me feel a bit safer about them leaving the box. I would definitly call UPS and report it. Good luck


Nov 1, 2005
I'm sorry to read about your problem...I actually received a package from Luna Boston yesterday, but my apartment building has an area where all packages are delivered and signed for, so I haven't had that problem.

I hope that they can figure out the problem. Good luck!


Nov 7, 2006
My Amazon packages are always left at the door, never a signature. I did have a package go missing once, and Amazon immediately sent out a new one. So hopefully Luna Boston will do the same for you, good luck!