Help!!! Ups Says Commercial Invoice Missing!!!


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Jun 20, 2012
Ugh, help ladies!

An eBay buyer wrote me last week that she found a flaw on a shirt that I sold her. In order to avoid any hassles or switched returns or problems with PP and eBay, I went ahead and sent her a new shirt for free (and NOT as an exchange, she can keep both). I sent it via UPS and filled out all the necessary forms that I was told to fill out ONLINE. I double checked with a customer service rep BEFORE I mailed the package that all the customs docs. I filled out were correct and complete.

Fast forward to today and the tracking on the UPS website says "Commercial invoice is missing and required for export". WTF?! I filled everything out online and had it double checked. Because I sent her the item for free, I noted it had no "commercial value" which is what the UPS rep. told me to write. I called UPS Customer service, they said contact the store that shipped, I called them and they said call UPS Customer Service!

What happens to the package?
Can I get it back?
Can I re-do the forms over the phone?

Anyone help! UPS just shuffles me from the store to CS and back with no answer. This is causing me a headache. The top wasn't cheap, I just didn't want a hassle and now I have one.:cry:
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Dec 20, 2012
Commercial invoice also in-need for free item, normally we declare "gift" and "free", so can go well.