Help! UPS, missing mail?

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  1. Some of you may have read my previous thread on the giftcard I bought for Closet Couture on Hautelook back in June. Anddd it hasn't arrived yet. I spent $400 on it, and I'm going to be furious if I don't receive it.
    I purchased it on June 4th, and I checked the UPS tracking on it and the billing info was received on the 12th, but nothing on it actually be shipped yet. Um, well... it's a month later.
    I already called Hautelook last week, and obviously they've done their part by shipping it off... so it's kind of out of their hands now. I know packages sometimes take longer to be delivered, but it's only a giftcard. It should've definitely been here by now. =/
    I know some of you have had shipping troubles before, what did you do? If the card doesn't come, do you think I could get my money back [even though Hautelook said it was a final sale]?
  2. It could be a mistake on the UPS end too - I just experienced one of those.

    From my experience, Hautelook told me that they would open an investigation with UPS to find my package and if it never ended up arriving then they (Hautelook) would issue a full refund.
  3. Thank you! I'm going to call them next week; just wanna give a few more days to see if anything comes.
  4. It is the shippers responsibility to file any claims, not yours, so just because "they did their part and shipped it off" doesn't mean you are screwed!

    I would call UPS and give them the info and see if maybe it got lost in their system, if not then definately get a charge back to your credit card!
  5. Okay, thanks! I think I may call UPS before Hautelook.