Help, unstitched Carly!

  1. I just bought my Carly on Thursday with my PCE and I wore it today for the first time. I was sitting in a booth a restaurant starring at it when I noticed some stitching defect:cursing:. I never looked at the bag when I bought it. The girl put it in the dust bag and wrapped it for me. Then this morning I cut off the tag put my stuff inside and left. Now what do I do? I want to know if they can swapt it out with another one or do will they have to send it to be repaird? The store is already closed and I will have to call tomorrow but for now I'm pretty :cursing:
  2. I think that you s/b able to exchange it for another if they have it at the store or maybe they can order another from JAX. I may be mistaken though. IDK exactly how it works. My advice, call ahead tomorrow morning, ask to speak to a mgr and see what he/she says about your bag. Don't forget to bring your PCE receipt. Good luck & keep us posted !!!
  3. I dont blame you for being upset...
    There should not be a problem, just bring it back to coach and they will exchange it I had the same problem with my signature hobo and they did an exchange for me:smile:
  4. Thanks girls, I did call and said I could come in tomorrow and exchange it, but now I think I'm changing my mind. I REALLY like the legacy sig shoulder bag. I got my mom one for x-mas and I really like that one better. She said even though PCE ended today, she would still give me the discount if I exchange it for the legacy. :yahoo:
  5. Thats great, see it worked out better for you:tup: You need to post some pics when you get back tommorow:smile: