HELP! Unknowlingly Purchased fake on ebay. Don't know how to proceed!

  1. I purchased a gucci britt bag on eBay a week ago. I communicated extensively with the seller prior to bidding and was assured the bag was authentic (has authenticity card from Gucci, dustbag, etc.).

    I received the purse this morning and it is clearly!!! a counterfeit (stiff zipper inside, fabric from the green and red coming out on the other side of the interlocking G logos, ineven stitching, even the leather is clearly fake!!). I don't know what to do! The photos showed none of these things. Should I immediately open a dispute resolution through eBay for misrepresented goods or contact the seller first? I'm afraid he will just close his account and disappear leaving me with the bill...

    The other part, he has actually been quite friendly in communications and even left me positive feedback!

    What should I do? All I want is my money back and to get this ugly purse out of my house.
  2. What is the seller's feedback like? I would probably contact the seller first and see what their response is.
  3. Make sure to save a copy of the listing also.
  4. Do you recommend just printing it, or taking screen shots?
  5. Both!
  6. also, if you paid with pay pal. file a claim with them and disput it with your credit card company.

    i just had a similar incident and Amex refunded my money immediately!
  7. That's wonderful that Amex came through so quickly. I've heard they are great about things like this. I used a mastercard, and I'm not sure if they are the same... I sent you a PM to chat a bit more about what process you followed, etc. Thanks.
  8. I would not do a chargeback with your credit card company now. You can always go to your credit card company after, if you do not get refund from Paypal.

  9. i messaged you back.
  10. File a claim/dispute through eBay and they will contact the seller. Or you could also go through Paypal. As a last resort, I would go through your credit card company because Ebay and Paypal are usually pretty good in settling these. But the process may take a little longer. I hope you get your money back, please keep us posted!
  11. Contact the seller and file a claim with paypal immediately.
  12. any news?
  13. I think you should contact the seller first and ask to see if they'll refund without the hassle of going through paypal because it takes a few weeks off the top of my head. If not, continue through paypal and use the resolution services.
  14. That sucks I dont know why ppl would do such a thing. I wouldnt reccommend anyone buying any designer bags from's too risky!
  15. I feel the same way... but perhaps the seller didn't know (I know I'm being naieve, but...)... Check his/her feedback. If he/she didn't sell bags before this, he could genuinely not know that it's fake. BUT if this person has sold a lot, or even several, bags in the past, it's likely that he KNOWS it's fake...

    this will help you know if you're dealing with (a) someone who's dumb and didn't know what he was doing or (b) someone who is a scammer and will try to fight you on it.

    Good luck! Keep us posted. I'm an outlet shopper, but I'm too cynical to buy anything on EBAY...