Help! UGGS...

  1. Black, Chocolate or Sand? (I dont like Chestnut...) Classic tall or classic short?

    Thank you all in advance!!:okay:
  2. I love the tall chocolate and own a pair myself. I hear that sand gets dirty really fast.
  3. I'm not sure this is the right place to post this, but i would say either chocolate or sand classic tall...( i have the chestnut)
  4. Go for the talls. I have teh classic shorts and I find them a little too short.
  5. Good luck finding them.
    I just ordered a pair on tall. They're probably fake but I was desperate! :crybaby:
  6. My local Robert Wayne just got a shipment and they're holding Talls in Sand for me, but they may also have other styles/colors available. This is where I'm stuck!! I get out of work in 30 min and then I'm off to the mall after. Thanks to all who have posted advice thus far... sure helps!

  7. You're sooo lucky! You're getting the real thing! I'm jealous1 :crybaby:

  8. Maybe you can have ppl in the glass slipper forum take a look at some of the pics and they'll help you authenticate it.
  9. I have the tall ones in sand and they haven't really gotten dirty. You can always put protectant on them.
  10. Love the chocolate!
  11. definitely the chocolate. i have the sand in a classic tall and the chocolate and chestnut in a short... the sand got dirty extremely quickly. the chocolate is still in great condition.

    also, def classic tall :rolleyes:
  12. chocolate hands down. I have a zip up pair in chocolate and tall chestnut. I do have a pair of the sand - but they got trashed so easily. My nice jeans wore off on them around the top edges - so now there's a blue ring about two inches hanging down.
  13. I have the classic short chocolate! They are great and don't show stains!
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  15. i own a pair of classic shorts in sand and a pair of classic talls in pink (i know, but i got a GREAT deal on them and i mostly wear them as slippers anyway). i protected both w/ the UGG spray and they look great! i wear the sand ones out all of the time and just use a suede brush once in awhile to spruce them up. :smile: