Help! Two violet bags?

  1. trying to decide if i should keep a violet city rh and wait for the violet part-time rh or keep both?
  2. i would keep the city RH as i'm not too fond of the PT in RH, but that's just me. on the other hand, a violet PT in GH would be lovely. :smile:
  3. hey odd,i'm fairly new to the this forum but remember you from fashiospot:smile: nice to "see" ya again!
  4. It would depend on the leather to me- distress is the best and I find that the part time is too long for my needs- keep the city.
  5. keep both!!!!
  6. I'm a City girl and for me the Part-time is just that bit too big. However, I am quite small and if you are tall and can wear the PT well, perhaps keep both!
  7. haha^^:smile: wasn't sure if they would both serve the same purpose or if they are different enough to keep both?
  8. i would get a different colour for a different style cos i like variety but i won't get a PT since it's not my thing.
  9. I would swop one of them for GH or get rid of the Part Time.
  10. I always prefer the city over the PT, but like others suggested, a PT with GH is lovely. But why don't u decide after u receive the violet PT...then u can really compare them side by side...I don't think that if u decide to sell one later it would be too difficult to do.
  11. ^^^unfortunately, i only have 3 days left to decide in order to receive a refund on my city...
  12. hi eclectic ~ i remember you from tfs...nice to see you too! :smile:

    i prefer the city as it's a practical size. i'm hopeful that mine will arrive this week. the parttime is slightly longish and a bit shorter compared to the city, but giant hardware balances the PT out.

    good luck on what you decide! whichever you choose, violet is hot!
  13. I think their too similar to keep both...even if one did have GH. I love the part time, but if you don't have another city and you like the one you have, you should keep it. Good luck!
  14. They are very similar, I would keep the violet city w/rh.
  15. I agree they are similar. I would suggest the City (but I've never been a part-time lover:p)