Help Twiggers Make a Reasonable Wishlist

  1. I have spent several hours poring over reference threads and looking at colors. And have made a 'master list' of possible bags.
    I am very anal and keep excel spreadsheets, and I usually prioritize my lists to help me keep on track with my purchases (family members also get emailed modified lists near holidays LOL)!

    Anyhow...I need to get this list pared down to about 15 bags...I think it will be easy to do because I have a lot of duplicate colors.
    So help me out....tell me what to keep and what to toss. For example...I have like 4 turquoises on here...I know nothing about the feasability of finding like-new you tell me which year would be easier to get, etc.

    Also...a little background about the winter I live in purples, blues, blacks, greys, rust. I almost always wear blue jeans.
    In the summer I love pinks, blues, greens, oranges, beige.
    I have no black bags.
    I desperately need a red bag.
    If possible, the smartest thing is to probably buy a bunch of 2007 bags and then hunt for the rest later... terms of style I know I like the twiggy and the city. I think the first might be too small for me! So there may be colors/years that I can't even buy because of that IDK??
    OK here it is:

    Year Season Color
    2001 F/W Black
    2003 S/S Emerald
    2003 F/W Blue
    2003 F/W Lilac
    2004 S/S Seafoam
    2004 S/S Dark Turqoise
    2004 F/W Eggplant
    2004 F/W Turquoise
    2004 F/W Lilac
    2004 F/W Grey
    2004 F/W Rose
    2005 Pre-Spring Teal
    2005 S/S Turquoise
    2005 S/S Bubblegum Pink
    2005 S/S Apple Green
    2005 F/W Berry Red
    2007 Pre-Spring Vert Gazon
    2007 S/S Aquamarine
    2007 S/S Anthracite
    2007 Pre-Fall Ocean
    2007 Pre-Fall Plomb
    2007 Pre-Fall Tomato
    2007 F/W Grape/Violet
  2. I think going with the 2007 colors is a very good idea; they are all so different and sound like they would fit into your wardrobe well.

    Trying to find a 2001 bag is most unreasonable; it can be done, but IMO, a new black bag would be better (cheaper and easier, too).
  3. Someone just posted a pic of a VG Twiggy at Sak's ....

    are you looking for all Regular Hardware?
  4. also I think Eggplant and Violet are too similar to get both IMO .... I like Violet better
  5. eggplant and violet/grape are similar, from all of that I've seen eggplant's leather has been TDF but of course is harder to find. I'd get on some waiting lists now for grape to cover the bases as it were.
  6. Interesting...looks like you skipped 2006 entirely! ;) Obviously, the older the year, the harder the bag will be to find. I would pretty much scratch all the ones prior to 2004. Even the 2004 & 2005 ones you've listed are pretty rare, except perhaps teal...but I think that's because people tend to get disappointed in teal and say it is not as vibrant as they'd like (I've never seen it in person, though). Blue India might be a good replacement for's 2006 F/W, I believe.
  7. 2006 on there because I am not a fan of thin & veiny....and I have heard from some that it is hit & miss with 2006 leather.

    While it would be nice to get some older years...I worry about several things such as wear & tear, etc. I like my stuff to be minty mint...or if they are beat up, then I was the one to inflict the damage KWIM?

    Looking at my list I see a theme of duplicates: teals/turquoises, purples, reds, pinks, blues...and what I really need to do is weed out the duplicates LOL!
  8. Oh and yes, everything would be regular hardware.

    I saw that pic of the vert gazon's gorgeous!!!! I really have to think hard with greens....will they go with a lot of my wardrobe? LOL
  9. So you don't like Nicole Ritchie? LMAO...

    Man I can't wait to see your collection!! You have picked such beautiful colors and should make a great rainbow!! I've always wanted a black w/silver hardware. They pop up every now and then but are sooo expensive because they're so rare! To cover your bases I would get on waitlists now, like the others said, to make sure you don't miss out on bags that are more readily available while you are on the hunt for the others. Good luck!!
  10. Well if you like "minty mint" I would stay away from most older bags as quite honestly those are going to be VERY hard to find in Mint Condition, IMO ....
    It sounds like you would be happier with brand new ... :yes:
  11. My opinion:

    I would try to find a FIRST in one of the old pastel/bright colors that you can take out with you at night, even though it's small, a brightly colored and fun bag will always make you smile.

    I'd then try to get a twiggy in a neutral like caramel OR in a light pastel shade for spring and summer.

    I'd then look for a city in either black or the new steel OR a shoulder bag like the day hobo in a neutral like black for every day.

    I think that older bags *CAN* be found in nearly new/mint condition if you look, but you have to be patient since things can fall into your lap when you're not expecting it.

    Also, it's not that I don't like the 2007 colors, but these bags are expensive and I feel they are an investment. Because of that, I believe the older bags/colors hold their value better and are easier to re-sell later should you need or want to.
  12. save youself some work and just write:

    One of each....
  13. Totally OT, so I apologize in advance! Twiggs I just stopped by to see your new thread and I was heartbroken to see "no more LV wish list" have we lost you? LOL!
  14. I am here to give you hope! I started purchasing my Bbags last August, and it took me around 10 months to find all the bags from past seasons that I wanted. I am super anal (see my avitar picture of how I store my bags, shoes, and accessories) about buying mint or brand new bags, and how I care for them once I have them. However, every bag I have purchased was in brand new or mint condition. I only purchased two bags direct from a store, the 07 French Blue Shoulder and Matelasse from Bal, NY. Both were returned, so in essence every bag I own was bought secondhand, and I have yet to experience buying a bag and being the only owner. Since I now have a large credit at Bal, it seems Grape will be the first bags I will buy direct. Here is the list of the bags I bought from first bag purchased to the last...

    05 Bubblegum Pink City
    05 Sky Blue City
    05 Magenta Box
    05 Turquoise Twiggy
    05 Teal City
    05 Indigo City
    04 Eggplant City
    05 Magenta City
    05 Turquoise City
    05 Bubblegum Pink First
    05 Bubblegum Pink First (not a typo)
    06 Lilac First
    05 Metallic Pink Box
    07 French Blue Matelasse
    05 Bubblegum Pink City
    05 Turquoise First
    05 Magenta Box
    07 French Blue Shoulder
    04 Lt Turq First

    Today I have my dream collection complete, and you can see from my photos, my bags are in superb condition! During the process I found the Twiggy style a little funky looking, the med Matelasse too large for my needs, and I prefer the MakeUp Clutch over the Shoulder. It was clear pretty early on that I preferred the more vibrant colors, as I kept overlooking my darker bags of Eggplant and Indigo, instead using my other brighter bags. Sky Blue and Lilac were too dull, and as ff said, Teal turned out to be too gray blue, not greener or brighter as I imagined. One thing that is fantastic about buying the older more sought after bags, is I have never had a problem selling the ones that weren't for me. There are not too many things that can be sold like the older Bbags, that you absolutely do not have to lose money on, and if you keep a bag in great condition you can even make a profit. Like you, I prefer regular hardware and I will be getting a Grape First and City (I am hoping the color is brighter than Eggplant), and possibly a Jaune Make Up clutch. I of course will be all over the 08 BG Pink if it turns out to be anywhere near as pretty as 05 BG Pink.

    The biggest obstacle on your list is obviously finding the older bags in the pristine condition you are hoping for. And as time moves on, it will be harder and harder to find them. That being said, my most recent purchase of the 04 Lt Turq First was actually a surprise, and not one on my wishlist. It popped up on eBay in brand new condition, with all the tags, dustbag, and extra tassels unopened. I amazingly got it for $780!!! So there very well could be bags from your wishlist packed away in the back of someones closet, and they will be listed on eBay once their owners discover them.

    The best advice I can give you, is to park yourself on eBay. It truly is the only way you will have the chance to be the first to snag up a rare bag that is sought after by many, and especially if it is a mint or brand new condition. I literally would leave ebay pulled up 24 hours a day on page one of the Balenciaga handbag search. And instead of searching for auctions ending soonest, I would search for "newly listed" bags, and hit refresh button all through out the day. It is a pain in the butt, and very time consuming, but well worth it when you have a holy grail bag finally in your hands!

    I also agree with the gals that say along with searching on ebay for older bags, make sure to buy the bags that are presently available so you don't miss out on those, and have to buy them on ebay too.

    Good luck, and make sure to keep us posted (with pictures, of course) on how your adventure goes!
    IMG_0084-1.jpg IMG_0131.jpg 06-08-07133.jpg IMG_0191.jpg IMG_0185.jpg
  15. ITA with roo, i'd start with a tomato first, then make my way to a black city or something in violet. :biggrin: it depends on what you like, i am a big fan of 07 leathers and unless it's something i really really want, i enjoy the feeling of holding a new bbag! that being said, some of the girls here have really gotten great deals on ebay for wonderful bags that are in like-new condition.

    ps deanna: as always, love your collection!!