Help!! Turquoise or White?!?

  1. Hi-ya gals!! :p
    Well, I went to the Vegas Outlet yesterday and I purchased a turquoise and a white ergo tote.. I was also able to score the ergo wallet in white.. they had it in tutquoise too, but at the time I couldn't decide and thought the white would match more! :confused1: Anyway, now I am home and can't decide which to keep.. and no, keeping both is not an option!! lol I love the softness and the look of the turquoise and it is different. but the white is also so beautiful and I think the color may be more timeless and match more... eekk!! :wtf: What do you guys think? PS the only bags I have now are all brown leather or siggy, no other colors!! Thanks so much!! :tup:
  2. My choice would be turquoise simply because I would be terrified to get the white dirty. I also love blue though. The white wallet matches either.

    Honestly though go with what you love. Some people love the white bags.
  3. I know, that is one thing I kind of worry about is staining it, but I love the white ali and this is so much cheaper I guess I wouldn't feel near as bad if I got a mark or two on this, although I would be very careful. Thanks!
  4. i agree white will dirty easier and i think turqoise is more wearable in general.
  5. I didn't see the pic when I first responded but after seeing it, that Turquoise is just simply gorgeous!
  6. I'd say the turquoise because you don't see that color as much, and as posters above mentioned, I would be afraid of getting the white dirty.
  7. yeah, I think the turquoise is so pretty.. but every time I commit I see that pretty white!!! I know it is personal preference, but fun to see what most of you like. Man, these decisions are hard!!! :p
  8. I like them both! That's a hard decision given that you don't have one of either color. But, if you're worried about the dirt, I'd go with the turquoise probably. The white is pretty though!
  9. Turquoise........ I just LOVE it IRL
  10. i would keep the turquoise. the white I bet would get a color of color transfers from clothing.
  11. Haven't thought of the color transfer.. hmm... yeah, looks like turquoise is the fav here!!! I still need to think about it a little more.. lol but I love the turquoise!!! They are just so pretty..
  12. I'm pretty good with keeping my bags spotless but I know things happen and they do every once in a while get a stain on them. I LOVE the white Ergo hobo above any other, but looking at the two totes next to each other, I definitely like the turqouise better than the white.
  13. Turquoise!!!
  14. Hey, wait a minute, you conused me!!! lol :p
  15. Turquoise - it is really gorgeous!!!