help! turnlock teri or turnlock faridah???


which bag should i get???

  1. turnlock terri in black

  2. turnlock terri in poppy

  3. turnlock faridah in poppy

  4. turnlock faridah in black

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  1. okay...i'll be breakin a ban over this, but i really 'NEED' a shoulder bag i can use everyday. yes, 'NEED'....not like necessity need....but 'NEED' like 'I WANT':p torn between these two bags....the turnlock teri and the turnlock faridah. im selling an MJ irina to get one of these, so help me out. My collection consists mainly of brown/black/neutral...and I'm kinda in love with the poppy now...and think it'd be a fun color to have. my new years resolution consists of adding color to my wardrobe, as im a color phobe....and i think the poppy would look mad cool with black/white and grey!


    turnlock terri in black
    turnlock terri in poppy
    turnlock faridah in poppy
    turnlock faridah in black ?????
    teri poppy.jpg turnlock.jpg fardah poppy.jpg faridah blk.jpg
  2. I voted for the Poppy in Faridah because I like the style of the Faridah over the Teri. Also, I like how the Faridah slouches. Also, since you already have the basic/neutrals I'd say go for the Poppy! Btw, did you check out the Softy Faridah? I think its gorgeous!

  3. that's really pretty too!:girlsigh:
  4. Faridah, in black!
    I LOVE the shape/slouch of the Faridah, and the pockets on the front are cute too. I've seen a few people carrying it and it seems like it's a good size for everyday use. The reason why I chose black is that, even though you want to incorporate more color into your wardrobe, you can do that with your clothes, or maybe a small accessory like a wallet or scarf... not a big bag that you want to wear on most days.

    ETA: Of course, the poppy is also gorgeous, and not a bad choice!
  5. I vote for the faridah too, in poppy. I think its gorgeous
  6. you make some good points! i have even more bags now though, in blacks and browns because i told myself the color wouldn't be the practical choice and so i got them in black and neutrals...and yes i could get colored clothes instead. but i just dont wear very much color in my clothing, and have a ton of black, white and grey i think a bag would be a good way to incorporate color, but it's not against my skin. so in a way it's stepping outside my comfort zone, but still enough separation from it that i can feel comfortable with it. if that makes any sense at all...:upsidedown:
  7. I love the Teri in Poppy.
    (I thought you had a Teri or a Faridah already, June? Well I guess it doesn't hurt to add another one!)

    I love the Teri - I think people are sick of hearing this from me already! I'm still using mine pretty much everyday! My only complaint is that the shoulder strap could be a bit longer, but I believe the newer versions have longer straps than the older ones. I remember trying on the Faridah IRL and it looks somewhat weird on me like it was too wide or something and maybe that's why I haven't been too fond of it!

    The Black color is available pretty much every season in both the Teri and the Faridah (although the Faridah styles may change season to season) so if you like the Poppy, better get it before it's gone!!
  8. thanks so much telicious! actually, i've never owned a faridah...or a teri. but they seem so practical....and after a few seasons of hearing so much about them and seeing them on people, i think it perked my interest. plus the poppy color is very interesting to me...

    you make an excellent point too on the black being a basic color and the poppy something they'll probably discontinue soon....more reason to go after a poppy...
  9. Oh, there's also both colors for the Teri available on Zappos!

    I dont think they have the Faridah in stock though.
    I guess if you like the Faridah style, make sure you get it since the Faridah style changes pretty much every season!

    And both colors for the Teri are available at Shopbop as well!
  10. thanks!
  11. I am totally stuck on these two also!!! I vote Teri. I wish they had a nice red for this one though.
  12. I like the turnlock faridah better...but personally i would not sell the irina for that bag. the irina is much much cooler and definitively marc jacobs where as i may just walk past the faridah or teri and not think anything of them.
  13. Well I'm biased because I have it, but I love the Faridah in black! But she's beautiful in poppy, too.

    But definitely the Faridah - the shape is gorgeous and the slouch of the bag when you carry it is really really flattering, IMO.
  14. well, the irina is GAGAGORGEOUS! but, the way it's open on the top, and not all that deep, just doesn't work as an everyday bag, and that's what i need. :yes:
  15. that's what really is selling me on that one...i think it's like a slouchy multipocket....almost. the one thing i worry about the teri is that it seems more upright and structured, the upside being that it's probably deeper than the faridah...decisions decisions:girlsigh: