Help!Turnlock Posh JJ or Totally Turnlock Faridah?

  1. The JJ would be in Bordeaux and the Faridah would be in Cardovan. Pros and cons:

    Faridah - Have tried it in person. Love everything except that it doesn't have a top zip (but others have assured me it's not a big deal).

    JJ Posh - LOVE the color. Adore it. I am not a HUGE fan of double straps but these look pretty comfortable. Love that it has a zipper top. Have not tried it on in person.

    I don't know what to do! I won't be able to try them both on. I guess I could always return if I need to. I'm leaning towards the bordeaux JJ....I'd love some opinions!!!

    Posh JJ:

    Faridah (but red):
  2. My vote is for JJ.
    I tried on the Faridah IRL and it just didn't feel right. The opening was too wide and the lack of a zipper always scares me!

    I have reservations about the double zipper on the JJ, but someone on the forum has gotten the bag and I read that it isn't a big issue!

    I go for the JJ!
  3. Thanks Telicious!!! Since TPF was down, I made calls to some Nordstroms to locate the JJ. After talking to six different stores, I finally got someone who really helped me. She was able to track down the UPC and ordered the bag for me! YAY! I'll post reviews/pictures when it arrives.
  4. Oh YAY! I was going to vote for the Posh JJ anyway. There's just something about the way the leather looks on this bag. It's so pretty. Congrats dawn! Can't wait to see pics!!
  5. I'm glad you went with the JJ :smile: the colors for it look so much richer than for the Faridah.
  6. The Posh JJ would have been my choice as well. Congrats!
  7. Your welcome, dawn!

    I can't wait to see your new bag! Which color did you get it in?
  8. I got it in Bordeaux. I can't wait for her to get here!!!!!:tup:
  9. I love the JJ and I love the bordeaux color. Can someone post pics when they get their bag??!!
  10. May be too late, but I'm not feeling the Faridah.
  11. I really liked the Faridah too, but I definitely agree I hate not having a top zip. I wish he'd make it with a zip top.
  12. Great choice on the JJ in bordeaux!! That would have been my decision too.
  13. I had no idea the Faridah didn't have a top zip! I saw someone carrying the other day and thought it was gorgeous, but if it's open at the top I don't think I want it any more. :s

    Congrats on your new bag though, and post pictures when you get her!! Bordeaux is an awesome color!