Help!!!Tulum PM pictures, anyone??

  1. I'm getting a new LV for my 23rd birthday next week(Wooohooo:choochoo: )!!! I really really like the Tulum PM:love:!! Anyone here has pics wearing the bag:graucho: ???

    :winkiss: Appreciated it!!!!
  2. It's a great everyday bag. It's not large, but big enough to hold the essentials.
    pm4 (2).jpg pm4 (3).jpg
  3. Thank you soooo much Kathy!! It looks great on you!!
  4. I love the Tulum! I think it's a great choice. Looks awesome KathyD
  5. this is a great bag!!! it's not too big. it's the perfect size!
    tulum & tikal.JPG self tulum1.JPG self tulum3.JPG self tulum2.JPG
  6. now you can see how it looks on 2 cathy's! (i'm cathy too). one big & one small! LOL.
  7. Thanks, cmorton, is this a GM? the strap looks a bit longer.......
  8. no. it's a tulum pm
  9. :shame: Thanks. I really like this bag. It's not heavy. I would definitely recommend it.
  10. okkk...i think i want a Tulum PM now!!!!
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