HELP! Trying to put 'Reserve' for my listing!

  1. I'm trying to list an item on eBay...

    I added the pics, typed up the description, did the shipping fee and payments, and it gave me the option to list the item.

    I can't seem to find the section where I can put a reserve price...


  2. Actually, I was not able to find it. Please help.
  3. When you get down to the starting price list it then below it shows reserve or no reserve click change and make it a reserve price auction. It adds several dollars to the total at the end but it is worth it. Good luck!
  4. THanks, I finally got it!

    It actually didn't even have the Reserve Price option with the "Change" button, until I viewed more options to sell.
  5. Looks like today is a good day to list your bag since the listing fees are only 20 cents!! Good luck!
  6. Really? I didnt even notice.

    Any tips on eBay for a new seller? It's my first time selling, I'm afraid no one will trust me enough to bid!

    I do have good feed back, but that's all from buying.
  7. How do I see the "special/promotion" listing prices? I dont see anything about it on the "Sell" page?