help, trying to purchase coat at nordstroms!

  1. when i try to click on mr****** or e**** using either firefox mozilla or internet explorer i get this error message "the connection was refused when atttempting to contact" i don't have norton anti-virus installed on my computer though i do have adware and spybot installed. my computer at work though has all three programs installed and i'm able to contact through those sites to any retailer. any suggestions as to what's going on with my laptop at home? maybe there's something i have to disable in options under tools? thanks!
  2. I'm sorry that I really have no idea, but did you keep trying? Maybe it was just a temporary problem. Good luck!
  3. thanks, but it's been going on for sometime. i tried removing some of the security options but that doesn't seem to do the trick. thanks anyway though!
  4. maybe you should call in your order instead.