HELP! trying to order VPs from BG and they are charging me TAX

  1. i live in texas! i thought anywhere outside of NY you dont get charged tax from BG...the online chat is telling me that bc TX has Neimans and BG is part of Neimans then i should be charged tax...

    but i remember doing a phone order from BG store directly before and they never charged me tax..whats going on?
  2. It's because BG's website's inventory comes from the same place as the NM site does, in Texas. But the BG store's inventory comes from NY. Hence, you get charged tax for the online store, but not the actual brick and mortar store.
  4. that is weird; I am in Maryland and never get charged tax when ordering from
  5. I live in Cali and I've ordered from before and never been charged tax
  6. I think it is that every state has its own sales tax law (duh) but also defines on if the business is in that state, what states must pay sales tax to it. If that makes sense.

    Like I order from some places online that charge me sales tax and others that don't. I think it depends on what state you live in and what state that specific part of the business is technically selling in.
  7. on their web site, it clearly states that they charge tax when shipping to NY and TX. HTH