HELP!! Trying to locate small Tian card case with red interior!!

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  1. Hello, I am hoping you knowledgeable ladies/gents can help me! I am trying to locate the zip around small Tian GG key/ card case style 427013 K0L2N 8689 with the red leather interior and gold zipper. Someone posted pictures of it here and I cannot seem to locate one. When I search they only have it with the brown interior and silver zipper. Any help or information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!
  2. Unfortunately I think they have sold out. BERGDORF GOODMAN was the last place I found one & it seems to be sold out there now as well. I wish I had gotten this too but I had already pre-ordered a Gucci card case from the new "Circus" line. Maybe a good pre owned one will become available soon.
    Since it's no longer available I ordered the Gucci Tian zip around wallet.
  3. I can't seem to find the red version anywhere. I am wondering if it is not available in the United States. The Tian zip around wallet is stunning. I may have to save up for a full size wallet to get the beautiful red interior. Thank you very much for your help. Enjoy your beautiful wallet.
  4. Hi, I replied to your private message!
    Hope it helps :smile:
  5. Thanks HiddenCharms! I answered you too!