Help trying to list my LV heart pouch & ebay is not

  1. allowingthe post? WTH?
  2. Did you get some sort of error message? Can you be more specific? What wording did you use in the listing?
  3. I was doing in in Auctiva like I always do and it keep saying no errors but then it says posting to eBay and it doesn't . When I look it's under closed listings with red type that reads error in listing ?
  4. Are you copying text from another site like eLuxury? They don't allow that. Can you post your listing using eBay's listing procedure instead of using Auctiva? Maybe they're having some technical difficulties.
  5. Maybe you have reached your selling limit.

  6. Nope, my own photos and my own words. So weird

  7. WTH is that? I've been selling on ebay for over 10 years and have never run into that before. Something new?
  8. They have been limiting certain items and accounts. Especially Chanel and Louis Vuitton. They also may have restricted your for a while, some accounts have limits of how many auctions they can list over a 7 day period. They did that to me and I got it lifted a couple of days later. I had to send them copies of my receipts.

    Dont know what I will run into tomorrow when I list my Baby Cabas though since I have never sold Chanel on ebay before.
  9. Also..check your shipping locations. I tried using TurboLister and kept coming up with error messages also, until I figured out that I'm no longer allowed to ship bags outside of Canada, USA, UK and Australia...
  10. do you put a disclaimer that you are not affiliated with LV?
    no pix taken from their site?
    do you have a receipt? you could prob fax it to them, if you can get in contact with them to begin with!
    recently, restrictions have been placed on how many luxury goods in the LV category you can sell in one week. sucky, but true.