Help ! trying to find a red-orange lipstick for a glamourous 40´s style !!

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  1. It has been in every magazine for about a year in Europe : the super Glamour red-orange lipstick.
    Christina Aguilera wore it sometimes, and it fits better for olive tone skins.....which I have !! I am a mediterranean type of girl (tanned, black hair, brown eyes).
    So I have been looking for it without finding the ONE.....
    As in the "RED lipstick" thread do you also have good references for this RED-ORANGE colour ??? :party:
    (just like a woman from Hitchcock movies, pencil skirt, high heels, black eye liner and flamboyant lips....)
  2. Try MAC cosmetics Lady Danger or Lady Bug. Both are orange-yellow based.
  3. Russian Red and Ruby Woo are a little more blue based reds, but those are the ones that Christina and Gwen use if you want the exact color!
  4. Try MAC Lady Danger or Rockocco.
  5. i know revlon makes a nice one...
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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