Help!! trying to figure out the name of a bag!

  1. I was at the mall today and happened to see this lady walk by w/ a Coach bag on her arm. I loved it!! It looked like a "Carly" but it was a patchwork. I thought about going up and asking her the name of it but she was gone by the time i got the nerve. All i remember is a big patch of hot pink among khaki's/gold? Does anyone know what it could be???
  2. Was it like this:

    If so, these are all over the outlets now.
  3. Hi, I did a search on eBay after i posted this, and saw these. This is probably what I saw, but for some reason it looked a bit different in person. I don't have an outlet near me. :sad: Do you happen to know how much they are in the outlets?? I do have a Coach store near by. I wonder if the outlet would ship one to the Coach store? Or, would the outlet directly ship one to me??
    Thank you!
  4. I was at the outlet yesterday and I believe they were $258 with 20% off....about $206.40. They also had different Holiday patchwork styles there too.