Help! Trying to decide which color for Kate Tassel and if I should go with WOC Or Small size??

  1. I’ve been racking my brain trying to decide between the small size Kate in powder color or WOC Kate in wash pink color. They both have they’re pros and cons.

    Powder small Kate. I love the size as I can fit a lot more then the WOC, but I just “like” the color

    Wash pink Kate WOC. I love the color but the WOC doesn’t fit that much, and I’m the type that likes to bring the whole house with her so to speak

    Hope I can get your input! If you have these items, what are your experiences with them

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  2. Go with the new small size. Although they try to market them as similar, I've been disappointed when I've ordered versions of the WOC that were not available in the small (immediate return in both instances). The WOC chain is too long IMO (even tho I'm tall), and the bag is just not as substantial or impressive as the small. Fortunately, I've been able to score my smalls for less than the US retail of the, wait for a sale or other discount deal if you can.
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  3. I drove 40 minutes to the store last weekend JUST to make this same decision. I was looking at the Kate black smooth leather with the tassel. Online to me they looked very similar in in size. In person there was a distinct size difference on the interior. I will use mine strictly for the weekend when we go to lunch. So i only carry my phone, charger, mints and a flat card carrier. So I carry the bare minimum. The WOC was REALLY small in my opinion. I could get my phone in, but my charger would definitely have been a tight fit and probably made the purse bulge. I ended up ordering the small instead. A lot more interior room in my opinion. It's getting delivered today. SOOO excited!!
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  4. Thank you for your feedback! Yeah I was struggling with the WOC size as it was just too small to fit my essentials. I like bigger bags and in the long run I know I was going to regret getting it so small. I actually found a Kate tassel small size croc in light grey! It's the size I want and the color can be used for casual and evening wear. Got a great deal for it too!. Just ordered it and I'm anxiously awaiting for it to arrive! Well see how it wears....
  5. Omg the small kate in powder is so beautiful! I've always wanted one but black with gold hardware.. this one is so understated and pretty though!!
    I personally don't like WOC's. I used my sister's ysl woc (i don't know what it is called exactly.. but it doesn't have a tassel), and it didn't fit my lipgloss (granted that the gloss was the fenty beauty one, and kinda chubby!). I would go for a normal small bag.
  6. Go with the new small size!!! It can fit quite a ton in my opinion!

    My “New Small Kate” in Nude Powder!
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  7. IMG-20180522-WA0033.jpg
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  8. Got my small Kate tassel in grey! Super excited to use for an upcoming wedding. Perfect size for my petite frame IMG_6470.jpg
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  9. Nice! Is this color 1402 (mouse gray/gris souris)?
  10. I believe so. YSL US website just has it as "grey" But I've seen the other two greys "Asphalt" and "Fog" They are darker then this one. I opted for a lighter grey since I was trying something to go with casual and evening. Originally I wanted the wash pink but saw the grey on sale a couple of weeks ago and jumped on it.
  11. Wow this color is so nice! May I ask how much did you get this for? Thanks!
  12. Got it for $1500. I think it's the cheapest I've ever seen it for a Croc Kate tassel. I pulled out my credit card so fast. LOL
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  13. That's a really good price! Thanks!
  14. Wow!! That is a steal. I would have whipped my credit card out like lightening too. What a steal on a beautiful bag! Enjoy.