Help!! Trevi PM or ...


1 Trevi PM or 2 ...

  1. Trevi PM

  2. Damier papillon 30 + Mini lin speedy

  3. Damier papillon 30 + Damier azur speedy 30

  4. Damier ebene speedy 30 + ....???

  5. A different combination of the bags above

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  1. Since the first time I saw the Trevi, I fell in love with it. So now I'm saving up to buy her. But since a few days I've been wondering if it would be better to buy two other bags for the price of 1 Trevi.

    So the options are:
    - Trevi PM
    - Damier papillon 30 + Mini lin speedy
    - Damier papillon 30 + Damier azur speedy 30
    - Damier ebene speedy 30 + ... any sugestions?
    - Another combination of the bags above

    Hope you guys can help me out!
  2. Trevi gets my vote.
  3. I would pick two other bags for the price of the Trevi. It's so big. I think you'd get more use out of two bags and they would be really lovely. I would pick the Damier Speedy and an Azur Speedy. Or maybe a beautiful wallet with a bag and a cles.

    For me, although the Trevi is pretty, it just seems really massive and kind of clunky somehow. I know a lot of people love it though. I like bags that seem a little more feminine. I love the style of the Trevi if it wasn't so big.
  4. If you are getting your first LV, then I chose #2. That would be a great way to jump start your collection!
    However, if you already have LV and truly love the Trevi, then get her!
  5. - Damier papillon 30 + Mini lin speedy - just because I love the Mini Lin. I am not a huge fan of the papillon.
  6. i have the trevi and LOVE it. I fell for it when i first saw tpf members posting theirs when it came out. I too thought of the other things i could get for the same price, but in the end i knew that even if i brought those instead, i would still be thinking about the trevi. I have absolutely no regrets about buying it.
    Also the trevi pm is the perfect size for me. I am usually a small bag person so was worried that it might be too big, but it looks perfect and has a good capacity.
  7. my vote was biased since I own both the Pap 30 and Azur 30. Two of my favorite bags.
  8. I LOVE the trevi PM (and am still mad my mom didn't get it argghhhh).
  9. If you love the Trevi, no matter what other bags you get, you will still want the Trevi.
  10. Thanks for the quick response!:tup: I only have one LV for the moment: Croissant GM. That's why I don't want two speedies. For such a small collection I think it's best to have some variety. Maybe in the future when my collection grows this won't be an issue anymore.:lol:
    Keep the suggestions coming!
  11. if you can get Trevi buy it.. I wish I canget one, When I was in Milan, the stores there were out of stock of this bag.
    I called NYC store still no luck..
    Go get's gorgeous bag
    good luck
  12. DEf the Trevi!!!
  13. nycbella, love the nolita in your avatar!!!
  14. i go through the same store is out of trevi pm and i am really in love with the speedy 30 in damier and mono...i think i will take them
  15. I would go ahead and get the Trevi. It's a stunning bag.