Help! trevi pm? or tivoli?

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  1. been wanting trevi p.m for months... but when tivoli came in Im all confused! this dillema is driving me nuts....I'm not a big fan of the damier line but it's versatility makes me want to own one.......vachetta driving me nuts when they get marks or dirt.... on the other hand the damier can absolutely take any kind of beating rain or shine....but then again monogram line is as classy and elegant as ever more than the damier right?? Oh my Im all confused.......I'm torn apart between a damier speedy 30 a trevi pm and a tivoli... Oh and the neverfull damier line is soon to be out also.....what a dilemma shhhhhhhhh!:cursing:
  2. if u not a fan of damier ebony but likes the worry free aspect i'll suggest get the neverfull damier ebony or speedy 30 (depending do u like handheld or shoulder bag). my reason is it's cheaper than trevi and tivoli and personally i feel better carrying a lower price point bag as my worry free bag :p
  3. OK Here is my recent discovery. The Trevi PM is amazing. I'm not too big on damier but I wanted something in a diffrent pattern. It is definitely a bit more elegant and subtle than the monogram, although my heart is with the monogram canvas. So I decided I wanted a speedy 30, alma, and or duomo. Long story short I fell in love with the Trevi. It has the structure of the alma, the versatility and capacity of the speedy and the elegance of the duomo. It also has the pleat and longer handles of the trivoli plus a strap. How can you can you go wrong?

    I didn't get it because they only had the one on display.
  4. I like the look of the Trevi over the Tivoli.

    Good luck with the decision! ;)
  5. Trevi all the way!
  6. i just got my tivoli. and im in love! instant classic!
  7. I'd go for the TREVI PM.

    It is one *FAB* bag. :girlsigh:
  8. I vote for the Trevi! It's a gorgeous bag :love:
  9. trevi.. imo it looks more classy and elegant. i wasn't a big fan of damier until trevi! even my non-lv-lover friends compliment me on the trevi.. its a balance between aesthetic and function/practicality.
  10. tivoli!
  11. I really love the shape of the Tivoli! I think it has such a feminine shape to it.
  12. I'm in love with Trevi PM but as it is too expensive for me, I took the Tivoli PM which are really love too!!
  13. trevi pm, staff's choice
  14. Definitely the TREVI!!!!!
  15. Depends on how fussy you are with getting in to a bag. I looked at the Trevi and found the zipper is to short in length therefore the bag does not open wide enough. My Tivoli is perfect!! It has such a long zipper which makes the bag open up real wide. Plus you can fit a ton in the Tivoli. I tried to get all my stuff in the Trevi and it was wedged in.

    Get the Tivoli!