Help Trevi GM or PM

  1. Bought the Trevi PM on Thursday 1/16. Went to use it today and it felt kind of small and the opening was tight to get my things in. Stop at the LV store they had the GM (which my SA has on a 24 hours hold for me....she was off the day I bought my PM) Not sure whether to return the PM and get the GM or if the:confused1: bag is just not for me
  2. get the GM. i'd rather have a big purse than a purse that was too small.
  3. ~Personally, I don't like anything in PM sz...:nogood:, either MM or GM. Therefore, I vote for GM:tup: BTW, do you have any modeling pic with your Trevi PM?~
  4. Tough choice...I have never tried the GM...I have the PM right now I just got it but is defective so I'll have to maybe return it...if they have one at the boutique I would like to try the might not be that big. Compared to my Tivoli GM the Trevi PM is a bit smaller but not that much. I wonder how does the Trevi GM look?
  5. will take photo and post them of pm.
  6. If your things don't fit then definetly get the GM! I hate when I have to decide what comes out of my bag or having to carefully place things in order to fit! :push: GM all the way! :yes:
  7. i have the pm and find it has more than ample space, and is the perfect size for me (5'2, 125lbs)...i've seen gm on other ppl my size and i think it tends to drown them.

    so i guess it depends on your proportions and your needs - if you're finding the pm just isn't cutting it then give the GM a whirl...your best bet would probs be to try on the GM and go from there. :yes:
  8. GM! I :heart: the widder opening as well as the longer handle :yes: and it looks great regardless of height. Co worker who is 5'2" w/heels still rocks it!
  9. I have the PM.. when I tried the GM in the boutique, I found it huge!
    I am 5'5", 140.
    All my stuff fits in just fine. It's a matter of style and taste though, what's right for one, may not be right for another.
    I agree.. go try the GM out.. and I say, go ahead and put your stuff in it.. that way you will really be able to tell if it's the right size or style for you!
  10. Here's my GM if it helps (pic 1 & 2)..
    The third picture was obtained somewhere in TPF for size comparison.
    DSC03185.JPG DSC03190.jpg louis-vuitton-monogram-trevi.jpg
  11. I prefer PM...
  12. I have the PM and I agree with you that the opening is too small. If you think it's so small, get the GM. I tried the GM at the store but thought it was to big for me but it was fab too.
  13. For the ppl with the PM, can you fit your wallet in the opening O.K. b/c I would hate to buy my dream purse and can;t even fit my wallet in in, That's the trouble I have with my Musette Salsa, but I love it though.:love:
  14. I have the Trevi PM and the opening is fine for me. I can fit my koala wallet in it with no problems. Also my mini pochette.
    About the PM vs the GM, I think you would have to be fairly tall to pull of the GM in this bag. I am 5'2" and no way could I carry the GM. Think it would be gorgeous on somebody taller, though.
  15. I am 5'2 and just got the GM yeswaterday. It wasn't huge at the store (impulse purchase), but my husband said it looks like a travel bag, not the everyday use bag on me... Anyway, i am thinking to exchange it for the PM, but then people in this forum said the PM opening is not that big, so I am concerned. If someone can tell me how long the opening on the PM is, that's great so that I can compare w/ my GM 'cause they don't have the PM at the store now. If you have both the speedy 25 vs 30, you know what i mean 'cause the speedy 25 has a smaller opening and you can't take things in and out as easy as the 30. Help!!!