Help! Tracking says delivered but not received!

Nov 24, 2006
I checked the tracking for my Burberry scarf and saw that it is "delivered" at 4:43 PM this afternoon, so I happily ran to my apartment staff, expecting to get my beauty that I have been waiting for, but he told me they didn't get it! :wtf: He even went through all of the packages, but no luck! :crybaby:I live in an apartment that has swipe cards and security cards, so I don't think it could have been stolen, but it seems then like USPS delivered it to the wrong address where another person signed for it! :faint: I already contacted USPS about it and they asked my name, phone number, and address and said they would investigate for more details and get back to me. What else can I do at this point? Has anyone had this happent to them? I'm just so upset right now because of the fact that it's a $200 scarf, so I really have to pray for the honesty of the recipient when they saw that it belongs to another address! With it so gorgeous I'm just not sure if whoever who got it would be tempted to keep it for himself/herself. :Push: I just contacted the seller about this but if anything happens to it I don't think I can even file a dispute since it wasn't her fault! Has anyone had this happen to them? :crybaby:


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Aug 6, 2008
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HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No!!! Here's to hoping someone can give you advice, but I think you are doing all you can especially considering you have no idea where it went! EEEK!
Nov 24, 2006
^Thank you! Comforts are much appreciated in this case too! :crybaby:I can't blame the seller for the USPS mistake, and even if I want to be really nasty and raise a dispute I don't think I can even win when the tracking says "delivered"!
Nov 24, 2006
^I know! I'm currently buying two bags that are both over $1 K in value, and now I'm just not sure if I would trust USPS to deliver them! If they can deliver a $200 scarf to a wrong address why not a $1 K bag? And then I can't complain to anyone but to them without sounding like a crook who wants both item and money! :crybaby:And here I thought it was a good day with so many great things happening...


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Apr 8, 2007
ok, a really stupid question....
have you check your MAIL BOX?
hopefully the scarf will fit int he mail box and IT IS THERE
keep us posted
Nov 24, 2006
Update!!! I just checked and I didn't find it in there, but a person was just talking to the staff and it looks like someone put it in the wrong mailbox!! I don't blieve my luck, and that I just happened to be there! But what do I do now? Should I call USPS again? They're going to hate me for good now for raising such a ruckus for nothing! :Push:
Jun 3, 2006
You should call USPS to let them know.
I'm glad you didn't file a dispute with the seller. She done everything right, it's the postman mistake.
Nov 24, 2006
I just called, and it turned out that they already canceled the investigation; I guess they looked and saw everything that indicates that it was correctly delivered! Either they now think I'm just plain stupid or it got lost in the apartment (which it did...) Thank you all so much for your replies! I got so scared for a minute, and thought that I'm done in for sure!


Feb 10, 2007
Shipping to the wrong address happens all the time at my place. When I first moved in I received a bottle of really expensive Christian Dior Perfume. About 3 months later a neighbour rang my door bell asking if I ever received it. The package was marked 360 Street name and I am 350.

I would contact them USPS ASAP! Good luck!


Mar 2, 2006
It's a good thing you got it!
I had this same thing happen to me not long ago...the online thing said it was delivered but I didn't get it. I waited a couple of days and still didn't get it. So I went in and asked about it, they looked into it for me and apparently, they put it in the wrong mailbox and the person hadn't checked their mail yet to see it. So they delivered it to my front door the next day. :nogood:


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Mar 18, 2008
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One time that happened to me. The tracking says delivered on Thursday but I never got it. Turns out the postman kept it because he was late going home and decided to hold on to it the Saturday when his next shift started. I immediately called the Post Office Friday and notified the seller and nobody could locate the package. I guess the Postman got the memo because early Saturday morning he came by and explained everything to me and said sorry. least I got my shoes!