Help - tote or classic

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  1. I don't have a Chanel bag. I have visited the stores few times and walked out not feeling like buying. Today I walked in to look for classics and saw a tote that I liked. The tote is expensive at $4,000! Which should I get, tote or a classic flap? If tote, I am so confused which color to get. I am adding the photo here. The grey has a silvery sheen, looks cool and unique. Black is more like dark gunmetal with sheen and looks classy. Both look very good, I am so confused!

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  2. You seem more excited about the tote so get that (I would usually bsay get the classic). About which color, see the one thatbyou love more (also later you can get the black flap).
  3. Go with the Black unless you prefer to wear lighter clothing.....Good Luck with your choice!
  4. I am wondering if $4,000 is too much for a tote. Chanel totes are usually lower than that, right? It seems like such a huge premium.
  5. Lately every single tote I see in the store is 4K and up. So sad that these prices keep moving up.
  6. I bought the silver in April then sent it back and exchanged it with the silver boy, If Saks had the black at that time, it would have been my perfect tote. This type of tote is light and has easy access to every compartment and very comfy on the shoulder. It would be a great work tote or travel tote.
  7. I would wait for a classic -- keep your eye on the prize!
  8. I would get the tote, i think its more useful for your daily needs. You might use that more and love it more. Black looks more edgy. The gray might be better IRL but from the photo, i dont know if its the photo or actual stuff, it looks patchy. You can't avoid the price for chanel lately.
  9. I vote for the grey tote. It's gorgeous. Plus everyone always goes for boring black. Grey is still neutral and will go with everything. Also if you wear a lot of black the grey is nice to break up your outfit.
  10. Spend the money on classic
    Forever timeless
    Source for an alternative tote
  11. The tote could be a good buy if you'll use it alot. From what I remember, the grey seems like it might be a touchy finish but the black looks like it will take some wear and tear.
  12. +1

    just fyi, totes take a huge loss when you want to resell, they do not hold value like flaps. just something to keep in mind when selecting.
  13. It depends on your height and style. In my opinion the totes look better on me than the classic flaps, so I go with the totes or seasonals. And I never plan on selling so this is not a consideration for me when purchasing. You really need to take your time with the decision, model the bag in the store.

    This is a large purchase so you want to put thought into it. How many times have you saw someone with a classic flap and the bag doesnt even look nice on them. Like the bag is wearing them instead of them wearing the bag. Get opinions from SA's and customers if possible as to what looks best on you. Dont base your opinion on what everyone else buys you will regret it. With that being said I vote tote, based on what I like.

    Good luck.
  14. I'd say classic - totes come and go every season, and like another member said, they take a huge hit if you want resell. A classic is forever. Moreover, every designer makes a killer tote - many that wear better over time than Chanel.
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  15. I personally would not go for the tote, as it feels very seasonal/trendy and perhaps a few seasons down the line I may not find myself wearing it often.

    However, I am also a huge advocate of getting whatever your heart sing.