Help: Tote bags similar to cabas alto?

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  1. Hello all! I’m wondering if there are comparable tote bags out there in style and size. I already have the cabas piano and luco but I would really love a larger bag for overnighters/ as a carry on. I am open to both vintage/ not in production and those still in production today. Let me know if you have any ideas/ pics!
  2. What about the city steamer xxl? Or if it can be a bit smaller, Jersey.
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  3. IF you can find an Alto I highly suggest it, I have had mine for almost two years and its the best work bag.
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  4. Palermo GM, it’s huge and i use it as a travel bag.
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  5. Have you looked at the All In? Very similar to the Cabos Alto.
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  6. Sac Flanerie pm/45.

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  7. Chelsea tote. I have one in DE and it's an amazing bag. Holds everything and is extremely durable. Out of production now.
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  8. Take a look at All-In tote.
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  9. Thank you for all your great answers! I have been checking all that you have suggested.

    I am still searching for a cabas alto- I am now considering alternatives due to how hard it is to get my hands on a cabas alto in the condition that I would like.

    Keep those answers coming! Thanks for your help!
  10. I had the Cabas Alto, but recently sold it. While I loved the bag, it was large and when I filled it for traveling, it got really heavy. I also wanted something with a bit of security. I now use the Citadine GM and love it. But I really did love the Alto, too. Can’t go wrong with it!
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  11. If you really like the cabas alto, you can always order a zippered organizer for it. I ordered one for my preloved sac shopping tote. I had no issues when I traveled to NYC a few weeks ago. The sac shopping tote isn't as big as the alto but it is such an improvement from the neverfull gm that I sold. The strap drop is much more comfortable. Anyway...another bag for you to check out!
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