Help- Totally Turnlock Teri or Marc by Marc Jacobs Tote

  1. I'm really between a rock and a hard place...I can't seem to decide between the Teri (in firebird red) or the M by MJ Tote in green. I love them both, I really do (and yes, buying them both at this moment is out of the question :yes: ) although yes, it did cross my mind. Soooo, what do you think?? Help an indecisive girl out, please, pretty please with cherries on top.
  2. ^Which MbMJ tote are you refering to?
  3. Can you post pictures of both? I know I have seen both, but a side by side comparison would really help. And on a side note, that Firebird Red will be HOT for fall!!
  4. Here is the Totally Turnlock Teri in Firebird:

    MJ teri.jpg
  5. If I was a betting person I would say this is the M by MJ Tote in green that you were talking about:

    MJ tote.jpg
  6. This might be easier (bigger pics)

  7. I would pick teri! I'm a fan of the pockets.
  8. KittyBag, you're right :smile: Love them both. I think I'm leaning towards the Teri at this moment. It just takes me a while to decide, LOL.
  9. I just ordered the firebird red teri...I'm waiting for a Diane that I got off bloomies and did get for 40% off. I than ordered this I have never owned a MJ so I hope I like them. I love the teri but only in red...I can't tell you what to do but because of this post I bought one.
  10. IMO, definitely the red Teri. It somehow looks more elegant than the green tote (maybe because of fewer pockets?) Also, the red is such a perfect red and the leather is to-die-for soft!! The green tote does look like it could be carried over the shoulder whereas the Teri is definitely for carrying in the hand or on the arm. But, I still say Teri!! :smile:
  11. I have the Teri and love it. It can be carried over the shoulder as well as in the hand and on the arm. The leather is beautiful - soft and thick - and the slightly distressed hardware adds a little edge to it.
  12. The Teri is really cute, although I've seen the other tote (in different colors) IRL, and it's really great too. I think no matter which you choose, they are both great picks. So, it's a win/win.
  13. I have the Teri and I've seen the green one IRL and I definitely like the leather of the Teri much better... softer and a lot more buttery feeling. The leather is just amazing... can you tell I love it? Also I found the Teri to be large enough for all my stuff because it expands as you need it, while I found the green one seemingly to be much bigger. Also I found the snap on the green one to be difficult to open and close. But seeing them IRL would probably help you decide. Hope this helps! I think the Teri is selling out faster than the green one... The Totally Turnlocks at my local Bloomies just flew off the shelves and seem to be all gone.
  14. There is a Teri shopper in Moss green, too. Could be the best of both worlds.
  15. I just received my Teri in FireBird Red. I took off early from work just to see it in the >=) And it's gorg! Yes you should see it IRL to decide. I saw the Tote, and it was just too big for me and I'm a 'big bag' gal. I saw a black Teri and it knew it would be perfect if it were in some primary color...otherwise it's not MbMJ....heheheh...

    Beautiful color- not orangey red, Softest Leather ever, and Practical.
    Good luck on your decision.